Polaris Audio Magnetar Cello

Polaris Audio Magnetar Cello

A solo cello library designed for composers, producers, and songwriters making music in hybrid musical contexts. Included are a variety of short articulations, effects, and long phrases performed by world-renown concert cellist and composer Caleb Vaughn-Jones, recorded in Los Angeles, California.

Magnetar Cello contains crisp solo cello articulations of detaché, spiccato, martelé, staccato, pizzicato, and col legno. In addition to the samples, there are a variety of effects that include glissandi, tremolandi, ricochet bows, and 21st Century extended techniques.

Customize 48 unique cello stems using the loops interface which can be re-pitched and tempo locked to host.


- 5000+ cello samples
- 4 Velocity layers and 6 round robins
- 200 Presets
- Recorded with 2 Coles 4038 ribbon microphones
- Native Kontrol Standard (NKS) Compatible
- 48 cello phrases available
- Easy to Play Loops Audio Engine
- Uncompressed audio files, recorded at 96kHz 24-bit
- Free Kontakt 6 Player

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