iZotope RX 9 Audio Editor Advanced

RX 9 is Coming! The iZotope RX 9 is not for sale to the public right now. However, anyone who buys an RX 8 Standard or Advanced can upgrade to an RX 9 for free. And this is for you if you want to try!
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R B Spirit World Drum Kit

Drum Kit "Spirit World" with 850+ Sounds & 10 Loops (inspired by Anime, Pluggnb, Evil Plug). This drum kit is free. However, if you feel generous and respect the work and time I put in, consider tipping me (I gotta eat man).
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Polaris Audio Magnetar Cello

A solo cello library designed for composers, producers, and songwriters making music in hybrid musical contexts. Included are a variety of short articulations, effects, and long phrases performed by world-renown concert cellist and composer Caleb Vaughn-Jones, recorded in Los Angeles, California.
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Nami Audio Hammer and Felt

Yes again, another piano library. And this one is not clean and perfect... This is why you'll like it! From the simplest upright piano, to a more intimate one and with experimental and lush sounds, Hammer & Felt will help you getting ideas as fast as never before.
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Cymatic Form Acousmatic Engine

SURREAL AND THEMATIC Introducing Acousmatic Engine, a distinct library of conceptual samples and multi-dimensional synthesis formed into imaginative and playable instruments; from the creator of Native Instruments Kinetic Metal and Kinetic Toys.
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ODD SMPLS Wonderland Melodic Trap and RnB

ODD SMPLS are happy to present "Wonderland - Melodic Trap & RnB"- a breath taking collection of lovely, lush and a soulful sound pieces to create a next generation tune. This 10% Royalty Free sample pack is filed by a bunch of juicy drum loops, exotic keys, new-age synths, and soft basslines.
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Nu.Wav Penpocket LoFi Drums

Pepocket LoFi Drums is a collection of more than 200 loops and one shots recorded at Luna Studios in Los Angeles, CA by Chilean drummer & engineer Pepe Hidalgo Ramos. This pack features Pepe’s favorite vintage drums, which include a 60’s Ludwig and Slingerland bass drums, a 1920’s Leedy, 60’s & 70’s Ludwig and 70’s Slingerland snare drums, plus 1950’s Zildjian & Turkish Hi Hats, Dream Cymbals rides, and some custom modified Zildjian & Istanbul crashes. All drums and cymbals were also recorded in tandem with percussion to extend the sonic possibilities and create uniquely layered sounds.
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RARE Percussion Kalimba Alchemy Volume 3

Kalimba Alchemy brings you ancient sounds with a modern vibe. These raw instruments have a texture that is perfect to flip, reverse, or design in any way you see fit. All kalimbas were made in South Africa and come in a variety of tunings and textures. These have a distinct audio quality that can't be found in midi synths like Omnisphere.
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Freaky Loops Epic Orchestral Cinematic

We are proud to present ‘Epic Orchestral Cinematic’ featuring 130 high-quality loops and samples infused by the orchestral side of the cinematic sounds mixed with breathtaking melodies and modern touch. Are you ready to explode your inner musician and step into a world of vibrant richness with the orchestral experience?
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