Production Music Live Organica Full Ableton Production Suite

Production Music Live Organica Full Ableton Production Suite

Make your tracks sound more alive and natural with over 370 Samples, 170 handcrafted loops, 30 Diva Presets and 4 fully produced Project Files - kick off your next Organic House production!

This Sound Pack Includes
4 Ableton Live Templates
These four templates offer a 360 degree perspective on Organic House - from experimental to club-ready.

How to Use:
As song starters
Reference for Mixing & Mastering
As Sound & Midi pool
Inspiration for Arrangements
Detailed Automations

Templates Included:
Yannek Maunz - Horizon
Brascon - Destabilize
Brascon & Yannek Maunz - I am ok
Yannek Maunz - Oblique

540+ Professional Samples & Loops
Samples Includes
Layered Claps: 45
Single Claps: 50
Organic Hats: 50
Toms: 15
Percussion: 30
Vocals: 45
Kicks: 40
Moving Percussion: 90
Metal: 10

Loops Included
Metal Loops: 60
Bass Loops: 5
Shaker Loops: 50
Weird Loops: 30
Bongo Loops: 35

Diva Presets
Arps: 10
Bass: 5
Leads: 8
Misc: 7

About this Sound Pack
This extensive collection from Yannek Maunz & Brascon of all natural samples, percussions, loops and carefully crafted Diva presets will make your tracks feel more alive and full - and more organic!

Artists like Kiasmos, Stimming, Tim Green, Sebastien Legere or Monkey Safari will come to mind when you browse through the sounds.

What You Get:
- 4 fully produced, mixed & mastered Ableton Project Files - the perfect song starter kit!
- Over 370 samples and organic sounds as one shots
- More than 170 loops & textures
- 30 rich & inspiring Diva presets

Software Requirements
Ableton Live 11 Suite + uHe Diva We are only using these two pieces of software.

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