Flynno Sample Collections Vol.4

Flynno's Sample Collections 420 original samples composed by Flynno T&Cs included in kit
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Ocean Veau Believe XP

Contains 78 Presets Including Arps, Keys, Leads, Pads, Plucks & More Fresh Custom Sounds For Music Producers! Works With BOTH ElectraX & Electra 2 Must Have Tone 2 ElectraX / Electra 2 VST To Use!
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Ocean Veau Enigmatik XP

What it do what it do Ocean is back again with another ElectraX expansion to add to your collection called Enigmatik. This by far is his most accomplished xp up to date filled with those crazy Arps that you all love alongside some of the most dazzling Plucks, Pads, Lead, Keys and all that good stuff!! As always Ocean aims to bring you high quality unheard sounds to help boost your production level waaaay more than just a notch. With Enigmatik you'll be able to sound like a seasoned professional in no time!! Remember life's a beach so catch the wave & enjoy the veau LOVE!!!!
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Ocean Veau Gucci Gang (ElectraX Bank)

Contains 70 + Dope Custom Presets Created By Ocean Veau! Inspired By Artists Such As Lil Pump, Zaytoven, Post Malone, Playboi Carti, Trippie Redd, Travis Scott, Nav, & Many More!
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BigWerks Sound Source II (ElectraX Bank)

Sound Source II is a preset bank for Electra X VST. It is filled with 50 presets, most using newly created samples as the sound source! Presets includes Pads, bass, Plucks, keys, leads & Synths.
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Ocean Veau and Traptendo Clockwork Purple XP

It has 100 presets ready for your music production.
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kylejunior Godummi Kit (loop kit + drum kit)

10 loops + drum kit (sounds used in most of my beats) All Kyle Junior Loops are NOT Royalty Free.
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European Folk Tales in Saxophone: Music Sheets

My Attempt to writing music sheets inspired from folk tunes. Play and improvise, tweak and make changes.
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Bogren Digital Jens Bogren Signature IR Pack Lead and Clean

Premium Impulse responses matched from top metal productions are now in your hands! 41 lead IRs 20 clean IRs
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Bogren Digital Kristian Kohle Signature IR Pack Rainbows and Chainsaws

13 studio IRs perfect for modern metal15 filthy IRs to take you where you've never gone before Huge tonal pallet: 14 different speakers in 4 cabs From Modern Metal, through filthy Black Metal to warm and vintage Doom
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Production Music Live Organica Full Ableton Production Suite

Make your tracks sound more alive and natural with over 370 Samples, 170 handcrafted loops, 30 Diva Presets and 4 fully produced Project Files - kick off your next Organic House production!
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Production Music Live Pigments Preset Pack by Tim Engelhardt

Over 120 presets for Pigments - push the boundaries of modern sound design for Deep, Melodic and Progressive House. BONUS: Template File produced by Tim Engelhardt using Pigments for Drums, Bass, Pads, Leads and more.
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Sonica Instruments KOTO 17

KOTO 17, the seventh title in the Virtuoso Japanese Series, brings the sounds of the 17-string bass koto, an indispensable part of modern Japanese music, to music creators everywhere.
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Producertech Creating Future House and Pop

Ukrainian duo Cyborgs have returned to to share their techniques for creating Future House & Pop anthems, this time in Ableton Live. In this 5-hour tutorial series, they go from an empty project to a mastered track, ready to be sent to a label or uploaded to SoundCloud.
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Soulful String Samples BLUES STRINGS

Soulful String parts to compliment your Blues inspired tracks. Featuring Harmonica and Acoustic Guitar
Home page
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