Simple Samples Audio Horror Harp

Simple Samples Audio Horror Harp

Horror Harp is a sampled 100-year-old lap harp that I inherited from my wife‘s grandmother. When I learned about its heritage–that it had been strung with guitar strings during the 1920’s Great Depression era–I had to record it! With cracked and scratched antique wood, this atonal instrument rattles and growls with distinct character. This harp has been bowed, knocked, stabbed, whacked, plucked, strummed, and punished to produce horrific one-of-a-kind sounds you’ve never heard before. Horror Harp will add a unique flavor to your next horror score.


7 patches to torture listeners with:

Bows: scratches, whacks, & tremolos that will drive you insane
‣  Knocks: knocks on the wooden body of the harp
‣  Metals: screwdrivers full of hatred
‣  Plucks (Natural): enjoy the natural detuned spectacle of this harp
‣  Plucks (Tuned): for those who want a more pleasant sound
‣  Strums: what this harp was born for
‣ Woods: angry drum sticks
Cutoff knob to control lowpass filter amount
Resonance knob to control lowpass filter resonance
Shimmer knob to add a hellish reverb to the mix (with additional octave harmonics)
Tube Saturation knob to add a gritty distortion
Chorus knob to control the amount of stereo presence
Reverse keyswitch (D0 on keyboard) to transform this harp into hellish soundscapes / Return to Normal playback by pressing C0 on keyboard
Visual Waveform of every sample
267 MB download file size.
Requires full-version Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher

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