WA Production Resampling

Diving into Resampling: Vocals, Synths, Bass, Drums, & Vintage. Welcome to Resampling. In this series we are going to explore multiple ways to resample, including sampling an acapella of a classic soul record. One each lesson we will discuss ways to resample in the daw, as well as creating new textures and grooves to fit our needs. By the end of this series you will have a better understanding of resampling, how to use it to your advantage, and a fire beat!
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Groove3 Arturia Jun-6 V Explained®

Synth pro Tyler Coffin delivers in-depth Arturia Juno-6 V tutorials! See and hear how Arturia has recreated one of the most legendary '80s synths, the Roland Juno-6 synthesizer. Learn all of the Juno-6 V's features and functions as well as how to make classic sounds with this amazing virtual recreation. In addition, you also get the presets made in the video series. These videos are designed for new Arturia Jun-6 V users.
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Drumdrops Radioking Indie Dance

Drumdrops are delighted to announce the release of our Radioking Indie Dance pack. With over 300 loops and hits with tempos ranging from 60-140bpm, this pack offers a huge range of material to give your tracks that killer live feel. Built around a rare, stunning 1940’s Radioking kit, this set of grooves offers something very unique and ultimately stand out.
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Gio Israel Muses Divine Vocals by Liat Zion

Celebrating inspirational female voices from around the world, Muses by Gio Israel is solely dedicated to enhancing exceptional vocalists in a range of styles, traditions and ambiances.
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Four4 Deep Jackin' House

Chunky tops, sleazy percussion, and deep house elements for the forward-thinking producer. Dive into this hypnotic collection of classic house beats and get inspired by vintage one-shots, lush house melodics, and authentic rhythms.
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GOGOi Downtempo Lounge Vol.2

Downtempo Lounge Volume 2 for xfer serum is the latest installation by GOGOi This pack comes with 60 blissful-hazy downtempo serum presets, bringing you lucid synth sound palettes infused with lo-fi aesthetic textures.
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ModeAudio Broadcast Dub Techno Loops

'Broadcast - Dub Techno Loops' from ModeAudio combines classic, submerged synth chord atmospherics, rustling noise textures and deep, quaking bass tones with a modern, densely layered approach to drum design and programming.
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PVLACE Secret Stash Mastering Chains + LOOPS + MIDIs

LIMITED TO ONLY 100 SALES 3 Sample Mastering Chains + 11 Loops + 10 MIDIs + Private Email for placement opportunitys
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Udemy Remixing Music With FL Studio Without Any Musical Knowledge

Welcome to my course, in this course you will learn how to remix music that you want without any knowledge , without knowing notes and publish it on music platforms , youtube or your own site .We will work with Fl studio.I know working with fl studio is looks difficult, but it is easy and funny software.Don't worry you will learn remixing with this course easily.I searched for courses but they are difficult and targeted to musicians , But in this course you will learn remixing and making music it is so easy.
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Nail The Mix URM Guitar Survival Guide

THE WORLD'S BEST ONLINE SCHOOL FOR ROCK & METAL PRODUCERS.Our comprehensive library of education is for producers of all levels, from our Complete Beginner’s Guide, to Nail The Mix (intermediate),
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Simple Samples Audio Horror Harp

Horror Harp is a sampled 100-year-old lap harp that I inherited from my wife‘s grandmother. When I learned about its heritage–that it had been strung with guitar strings during the 1920’s Great Depression era–I had to record it! With cracked and scratched antique wood, this atonal instrument rattles and growls with distinct character. This harp has been bowed, knocked, stabbed, whacked, plucked, strummed, and punished to produce horrific one-of-a-kind sounds you’ve never heard before. Horror Harp will add a unique flavor to your next horror score.
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Singomakers Hardcore Kicks and Vocals

Singomakers is back with a super useful collection of samples suitable for Hardcore, Rawstyle, Hard Dance, Hardstyle, Frenchcore and more. Wall breaking powerful kicks and hot like Chili Pepper vocals! Distorted, energized and unique!
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