E-MU Classic Series Vol.07 E-mu Classics

E-MU Classic Series Vol.07 E-mu Classics

This sample CD offers you a large collection of sounds for which E-MU has become famous: Proteus 1, 2, and 3 banks, Procussion, piano, electric pianos, B3, Mellotron choir, Rhodes, Chamberlin violins, and more.

Bank Listing:

01. Texture Jam X
02. Haus Musika X
03. Earth Tones X
04. Proteus 1/Pop X
05. Proteus 2/Orch+X
06. Proteus 3/WorldX
07. Procussion X
08. Kawaii 9’Grand X
09. CP-70 Med/Hard X
10. CP-70 Soft X
11. WurlitzerE.Piano
12. Dyno Rhodes
13. Dyno Rhodes Soft
14. DX7 Rhodes
15. B3
16. Vox Haunt X
17. ChamberlinViolns
18. Mellotron VF&B X
19. Mellotron ChoirX

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