Ora The Vision (All You Need Kit)

This Kit Contains Lots of Unique Drum Sounds, Multiple Midis.
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Truefire Matt Schofield Live Plus Blues Insights Ep.02

In this edition, Matt Schofield goes deeper and wider on the techniques, creative concepts, and blues guitar performance approaches presented in his Blues Speak course. Using the backing tracks from the course (included here as well), Matt demonstrates fresh and original applications and variations of his Blues Speak principles - and they’re ALL tabbed and video-synced!
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Producertech Complete Guide to Compression in Live

Much used but rarely fully understood, compression is an incredible tool utilised by audio professionals in every field. These detailed lessons, taught by Course Director, professional producer and Music and Sound Recording graduate Rob Jones, will take you from a basic to a thorough understanding of this powerful effect. With visual and aural demonstrations, accompanied by a clear and informative commentary, by the end of the course you will have a thorough grasp of how single band and multiband compression functions and how to apply it to individual and groups of drums, vocals and the master buss.
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BigWerks Space Walking Electra X

Space Walking is a preset bank for Electra X VST. It is filled with 45+ new & creative sounds. Presets includes Arps, Pads, bass, Plucks , keys, leads & Synths.-Electra X Bank -Arps, Pads, Bells, Plucks, bass, keys, leads & Synths
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FromTheHeart Things Happen Kit

Included: Bass x 11 Drum one shots x 53
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Violin for Beginners: The Complete Guide to Learn to Play Violin in a Simple Way. Includes Music Theory and Sheet Music

Have you always wanted to learn to play the violin but did not know where to begin? Would you like to further your passion for music by knowing how to play the violin?
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E-MU Producer Series Vol.7 Old World Instruments

E-Mu's Old World Instruments sample library is a collection of string, wind, and percussion instruments from the far-flung four corners of the globe. Unique and exotic, this sample library will help to add a special spice to any composition!
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E-MU Classic Series Vol.15 Dan Dean Bass Collection

This sample CD gives you a collection of bass guitar sounds from well-known guitarist Dan Dean. Includes Alembic Spoiler Bass, Toucan Fretless, Guild Pilot/5-String: Slap, pop, muted, and picked.
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E-MU Classic Series Vol.16 Studio Drum Kits And Percussion

This sample CD offers you 26 drum kits & 19 percussion groups, ready to be used with your E-MU sampler and any MIDI controller.
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E-MU Classic Series Vol.17 Heavy Guitars

This sample CD offers you the most ruthless collection of electric guitar samples ever assembled! Leads, mutes, scrapes, scratches, power chords, slides, feedback, harmonics, and more.
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E-MU Classic Series Vol.13 Dance 2000

This sample CD is a collection of loops, deep basses, dance synths, and cutting edge sounds for cutting edge music.
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E-MU Classic Series Vol.12 ESI-32 150MB Production Soundset

This 2 CD with a total of 59 sounds offers you a huge variety of great sounds originally created for the ESI-32.
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E-MU Classic Series Vol.11 Elements Of Sound 2MB

This sample CD represents a continuation of Volume 10. 95 banks of classic E-MU sounds, each bank being 1 or 2 MB in size.
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E-MU Classic Series Vol.10 Elements Of Sound 1MB

This sample CD offers you 100 Banks of classic E-MU sounds compressed to 1MB for fast load times. 100 classical EMU sounds from Marimba to grand Piano, to Orchestra Hits etc ...
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Truefire Brad Carlton Guitar Lab Blues Riff Blueprints Vol.3

Welcome to Vol. 3 of Blues Riff Blueprints. In this course, we'll examine various motifs and common tones over the I7 to V7 and the V7 to IV7 chord changes in a 12 bar blues progression. Ready? Grab your guitar and let's get started!
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