SoundFxWizard Mokarpa

SoundFxWizard Mokarpa

MOKARPA is a bizarre and unique harp for Ni Kontakt based on a custom-made musical instrument by Italy-based guitarist Paolo Balestri.

* He crafted Mokarpa using guitar strings mounted on a Moka, the iconic Italian coffee pot.
* The sound is harmonically rich, delicate with metallic resonances and with a dreamy flavor.
* It’s suitable for fantasy soundtracks, lo-fi hiphop, R&B, cinematic and chill tracks.
* The Kontakt instrument allows you to adjust the sound with a custom scripted GUI.


Microphone and Pickup recordings (sources can be mixed in the gui)
2 round robin
3 dynamic velocity sample (soft, medium, hard)
ADSR Envelope
Low Pass and Hi pass Filters
Drive , Reverb , Rotary , Stereo model & Inersion Effects
23 meg uncompressed
Must use KONTAKT v5.8.0 or higher to play

Many thanks to 0TH3Rside for providing this release!

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