PeeJay Volume III (Drum Kit)

PeeJay - Volume II (Drum Kit) Contents [250+ Items]: 30 808s 26 Claps
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Oddwin Odd Instruments III

A diverse selection of sounds, samples, and instruments carefully crafted by Team Future's Oddwin to elevate your craft (a third time) as he has on hit songs, instrumentals, and remixes.
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Dome Of Doom Pro Found Sounds Foley Archive

The 'Pro Found Sounds: Foley Archive' is a massive collection of 1000 raw and processed sounds, one shots & loops. AHEE created every sound in the pack from a 10 year personal recording archive, and all of these samples are 100% original and ready for you to use in your compositions, beats and scores.
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91 Vocals Sad Girl Alt Pop

Veiled in melancholy, Sad Girl: Alt Pop explores the dark gritty electro landscape popularised by artists such as Billie Eilish, Lorde and Halsey. This collection delivers a modern take on contemporary pop music, with a rich pallet of moody lyrics combined with manipulated vocal and melodic loops. Written and recorded in-house using close mic techniques, delicate vocal engineering and inventive sound design.
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Test Press Hybrid Trap And Bass

Hybrid Trap is the perfect toolkit for modern Trap production! Dropping sonic bass booms and delivering chart-topping sounds to your sample library. The genre is a mixture of Trap and Dubstep, combining snare and hat patterns from Trap and Hip Hop and bass and melodic elements from Dubstep.
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GOGOi Vapor Serum Presets

Vapor for xfer Serum is the latest installation by GOGOi This pack comes with 60 hazy ambient presets bringing you noisy-organic synth sound palettes infused with tape-like saturated textures.
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X10 Broken God Evolved Trap And Industrial Soul

Broken God: a new sound for a new world: Known for his next level collaborations with Kanye West and Rihanna, tune into a higher consciousness of sound with Keyon Christ’s god-level symbiosis of beautifully architected synths with ignorant futuristic flows. Use Splice as your vehicle to travel through brand new worlds as your paradigm of what’s possible with sound is decimated, reverberated, and destroyed into a whole new frequency.
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Splice Sounds Soundz of Darkchild 1

GRAMMY Award-winning producer, Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins is an acknowledged virtuoso in the music industry having begun his career at the prodigy‐like age of 15. Tireless in his work ethic, the prolific young Jerkins quickly established himself as a formidable musical force with a trail of outstanding accomplishments.
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Dome of Doom Elusive Sketches Sample Pack

Elusive took all the source material for his latest release 'Sketches' and compiled the best of it for you to experiment with in your own tracks. The "Sketches Sample Pack" is full of interesting bass and drum sounds as well as some signature bleeps and bloops that you will definitely recognize from Elusive's production work. It is rare to get a chance to examine an artists process this closely, and hear the tools they used to create their music with.
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Dome of Doom Toolshed Percussion Vol.1

Sometimes using just synths in your production can leave a song sounding stale, get to work bringing that natural element into your tracks with Toolshed Percussion. With elements arranged into Metallic, Wooden, Plastic, & Processed you'll have the right sound to fit your vibe. There are tons of subtle shifts/shuffles/rustles in there to creatively add around your beats to give them a more organic feeling that will have people wondering how you did it! There are also a folder of easy to use processed loops where we got creative and really took the foley sound to the next level!
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Production Master Riddim Dubstep Weapons 3

The newest addition brings you a step closer to world domination via an assault of futuristic sonic ammunition featuring bio-mechanical bass loops, distorted reeses and granular stabs entwined with a series of hard hitting drums, snappy percussion loops, soul-stirring vocal shots and hyped-up melodies, weighty subs, brutal distorted basslines, pounding snares and punching kicks, filtered plucks, pads, ferocious FX, eerie sound design and harmonic loops which all sit alongside 101 fully macroed top-quality Xfer Serum presets, covering the entire spectrum of riddim dubstep sounds, effects and elements to help shape your tracks into absolute bangers with maximum control.
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Dome of Doom ONHELL's First Sample Pack

“I feel stretched between lots of influences. In my music, I embrace these contrasts, the light and the dark, the feminine and the masculine, the melody and the dissonance. I enjoy building a bridge between different sounds by merging together bass, rap, and experimentally anomalous music. That way, people experience an atmosphere that broadens perspectives” ~ ONHELL
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Dome Of Doom Perfect Drums

Ever wanted the perfect drum sample pack? Here at Dome of Doom, we did as well, so we created one from scratch.
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Dome of Doom Stlndrums Slappy Drums

I Updated / Remixed / Changed / Betterized this kit... its super slappy now. The question I get more than any other is, "How do I get my drums to sound like that?". This pack is how. This is in my humble opinion the best of the best of the best of the last 10+ years of my drum stashing activities... I pushed all the sounds through my hardware gear and fav drum effect chain... Enjoy and go make some slaps B! Thank you a million times for the support.
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Ample Sound Ample Guitar L

Ample Guitar L aim to bring a Alhambra Luthier Classic Guitar sound to your studio System Requirements: * Windows: Windows 7/8/10, 64-bit only (32-bit not supported).
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