Blastwave FX Typewriters and Typing

A collection of authentic typewriter sounds including strokes, moves, typing, and page tears.
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ICYTWAT Oneshot Kit

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Music Protest Optimizing Your MediaBay Workflow

Have you ever felt frustrated because your loop libraries, samples and presets are hard to find and work with? Do you wish that producing music was a totally creative process? Me too! This course shares tips, tricks and lessons learned about Cubase's MediaBay - a powerful tool designed to solve these kinds of frustrations!
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Zenhiser Psyche Psytrance

Holy smokes, before we even try to describe this impeccable Psy sample pack just look at the content. Nearly 10GB of bold, vigorous and delectable Psytrance sounds ready to turbocharge your productions.
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Feed Your Soul Music Inspiring Spoken Word

This is a collection of inspiring Vocal Samples performed by international performing artist and public speaker Andrea Brook for Feed Your Soul Music. There are some versions with Fx and some dry. Examples: Elevate, Open Your Mind, Open Your Heart, Joy, and Love. For More info go to and
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Soundblind Drums Counterkit

SIGNATURE COUNTERPARTS DRUM SAMPLE LIBRARY BY KYLE BROWNLEE Counterkit is a Kontakt based virtual drum sample library which was meticulously captured, sampled, performed, programmed, and mixed by Kyle Brownlee of Counterparts.
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Universe Loops Papi Juancho Sample Pack

Maluma – Papi Juancho Sample Pack Fue creada a peticion de nuestros usuarios, Libreria creada e inspirada en el album Papi Juancho del artista colombiano Maluma el cual fue lanzado en 2020.
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Toolbox Samples Smack! Drums Vol 2

Back by popular demand! Looking to get your drums SMACKING out of the speakers in your mix? We got you! The drums are one of the most important elements in your mix to get right, and nothing gets your listeners attention than punchy drums. These drums have been meticulously programmed and EQ'd to ensure they make your music POP, no matter the genre. The team here at Toolbox have put the hours in so you don't have to! Gone are the days of spending days on one kick drum, to only scrap it anyway. All samples are tested and proven in all environments, leaving you to focus on the creativity side. Yes, you're welcome! Contents: 60 Drum Loops - 20 Full, 20 Tops, 20 Kick 49 One Hits - Kick, Snare, Percs & Hats
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AudioFriend Minimal Techno Grooves 2

100 Wav loops for Minimal Techno music productions and DJ sets.
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22nate kit

+15 808s+8 claps +10 hats +3 open hats
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ReeMau Beats SNOW (One Shot Kit)

SNOW es un pack que tiene los sonidos que DEBES TENER para crear BEATS con MÁS TEXTURA y obtener un SONIDO ÚNICO . Teniendo sonidos que crean VIBRAS DIFERENTES ,TEXTURAS y sobre todoEMOCIONES.
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Udemy Songwriting techniques for beginners

So there are countless books, videos, and classes that teach songwriting. What makes my video course better, or even different? Good question. All of these other sources can teach you how to write a song. What’s a verse, chorus, bridge, etc…and yes, I will certainly teach you all of these things.
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M3G MOGULS has done it again with “Platinum Part 1”. This project was produced with REAL Acoustic Guitars, REAL Electric Guitars, electric synths accompanied with punchy kicks that are sure to keep the dance floor packed. This Kit features styles from Jonas Blue & Demi Lavato to Jason Durulo & Ed Sheran.
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Noir Labs Volume Buddy

Volume Buddy is a one of a kind LUFS auto gain plugin that will change the way you mix and create music. - A Max for Live plugin for Ableton 10 Suite and Ableton 11 Suite only -
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Big Room Sound Household Foley

A collection of various prop sounds from around the house. Things like aerosol cans, bags, briefcases, pills, stapler, umbrella, zip ties, pens and pencils, a whistle and many more.
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