30 Day Singer Introduction to Harmonizing

In this video series, we will teach you how to sing basic harmony along with an established melody. The type of harmony we will focus on will be major and minor thirds, which is most commonly used in a variety of genres including Pop, Rock, Country, Folk and even Jazz!
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DCP Productions (Keyfax Media) Complete Orchestra

“Complete Orchestra XS” consists of 256 user Voices, 128 Performances, and 6 ready-made song mix templates utilizing almost 211 megabytes of samples. Everything you need to do complete orchestrations is presented in Complete Orchestra - from expressive string sounds (large, medium, and small sections and solo instruments) to natural sounding brass (ensembles and solo instruments) to woodwinds to orchestral percussion and special orchestral FX (including an 1812 cannon!). "Complete Orchestra" also includes new grand piano, harpsichord, celesta, harp, bell and choir voices which utilize Motif XS’ existing waveROM.
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30 Day Singer Jazz Style For Beginners

While every jazz singer has their own unique tone and style, there are a few common elements we can practice to embody traditional jazz vocal style. Here are some common styles: swung rhythm, smooth, easy tone, gravelly, even choppy tone, smooth, effortless tone, and last, we have vibrato & embellishment. With each lesson in this series, we’ll take a jazz standard to practice with.
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30 Day Singer Major Scale Ear Training

If you grew up listening to American or European music, chances are you implicitly know the major scale - without anyone having to teach it to you. In this 3 part lesson, Camille will guide you through the major scale. In part 1, we’ll cover stepwise motion through the major scale. In part 2, we’ll cover leaps in the major scale with some fun exercises I know you’re going to love. And in part 3, we’ll learn chords within the major scale.
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30 Day Singer Low Voice Daily Routine

What can you expect from this daily routine just for low voices? For one, all exercises will be played within the male range, so you don’t need to do any guesswork about which octave to sing in. Additionally, we’ll spend a bit more time finding falsetto placement and building our mix, since that tends to be trickier for male singers.
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Digital Sound Factory Motif Symphonic Strings

The Symphonic Strings Motif XS/XF library consists of 190 new user voices, utilizing 450 megabytes of authentic string samples. Recorded in the same symphony hall as the Motif’s internal ROM string samples, this collection not only adds new content, but enhances the existing string sections. Very few compromises where made to the sample data allowing for the ultimate realism. Large and small groups of Basses, Celli, Violas, and Violins are included along with Legato, Marcato, Pizzicato, Spiccato, and Major Trills.
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Digital Sound Factory Motif Vocal Xpression

Digital Sound Factory Vocal Xpressions is a collection of vocal ensembles, vocal hooks, synth voices, & effects. The vocal ensembles were originally recorded by the Ensoniq sound design team. Portions were used for various Ensoniq keyboards, but the entire collection was never released. DSF has re-mastered these classic vocals for the Motif XS & XF. These vocals are ready to enhance your music. This Voice Library requires DIMM memory?for a Motif XS, or Flash memory for the Motif XF.
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30 Day Singer Mastering Vibrato

This tutorial will walk you through the foundations of vibrato. Because vibrato is a naturally occurring event, it’s not a technique that we learn in isolation. Rather, it’s the result of healthy singing technique over all. Each video will explain and give you exercises to build your technique. Whether you can sing with vibrato already, or you're struggling to learn, just relax as we take it one step at a time in this series.
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30 Day Singer Perform Like a Pro

Does the thought of performing absolutely terrify you? Most singers experience a mix of both anxiety and excitement. In this tutorial, Camille shares the best game plan for a perfect performance.
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30 Day Singer Mixed Voice 101

Welcome to Mixed Voice 101! Mixed voice, also called mixed registration or “your mix” is the holy grail for most singers. It’s also a topic fraught with confusion, and people have different definitions for mix.
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Ninetyniiine + Synthetic Play! Sound Kit

The Kit Includes: 80 Serum Presets 40 MIDI
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30 Day Singer 30 Day Beginner Course with Camille

Camille van Niekerk is the instructor for this 30 day course for beginners. Camille van Niekerk is a singer and vocal instructor in Southern California with roots in musical theater, dancing, directing, and playing roles such as Belle in Beauty & the Beast, Chiffon in Little Shop of Horrors, and Gabriella in High School Musical.
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30 Day Singer Vowel And Vowel Modification

We all want to sing with with more ease, and a clear and beautiful tone. One way to achieve this is through vowel modification. Join Camille in this lesson as she provides an overview on singing vowels and vowel modification.
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30 Day Singer Steps To Better Phrasing

Today we’re learning three steps to better phrasing. Phrasing is how we divide a song into musical ideas, including where we breathe and where we place emphasis. Musical phrasing can turn a good performance into a great one, and I'm ready to show you how to do that!
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30 Day Singer Singing Style of Your Favorite Female Artists

Your instructor for this course is Reagan James, former contestant on hit TV show "The Voice". In this series of lessons, Reagan will demonstrate ways to make your performance unique and interesting. Each lesson will showcase popular singing techniques used by various iconic female vocalists. From Ella Fitzgerald to Carrie Underwood, follow along and learn how manipulating your inflection, pronunciation, and switching the part of your mouth you sing from, can add personal style to your singing. Using an original song that she created for this course, Reagan will show you exactly how to pull influence from these great singers, and apply the methods to your performance.
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