Eksit Sounds Jump Up DnB Vol.2

'Jump Up DnB Vol 2' by Eksit Sounds features 30 loops and 70 one-shots spanning drums, basses, pads and FX. If you are looking for ideas to start your next Jump Up banger, then you are gonna want to dive into this collection.
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Death Before Dishonor Drum Kit (KGTRAX x MEDHVT)

Death Before Dishonor Drum Kit includes the following files: 10 808s 5 Klaps
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Loop 4 Loop Cinematic Piano Loops

In this sample pack you can find cinematic piano melody loops for your productions. Check them out!
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UVI OB Legacy

One of the most prolific figures in synthesizer history is the maverick engineer and designer Tom Oberheim. His efforts can be heard across hundreds of albums, decades of pioneering instrument designs, and experienced through conveniences we take for granted on a daily basis including preset memory and MIDI. His influence is as great as any and his designs have stood the test of time better than most, with models in production today that have changed little in over 40 years. The sound of his instruments is distinct and inherently musical, with a character that's often described as "lush" and "massive", and rightly so.
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BFractal Music Sicko Keys

BFractal Music present ¨Sicko Keys¨ a collection of 30 key loops perfectly EQ´d and mixed recorded with analog gear, each containing expressive musicality and beautiful sonics for your music. Give that special warmth to your tracks blending any of those loops with your drums. Elevate any hip hop, chillout, lo-fi, jazz, soul, pop or downtempo track with ¨Sicko Keys¨.
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Abstract State Tech Minds

Abstract State present ¨Tech Minds¨ a complete pack of dark underground sounds. Inspired by the sounds of the big names of the genre, this pack is sure to see you producing banging Techno and Tech House with ease.
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WA Production Music Theory From The Top

Music Theory From the Top takes you step-by-step through the basics of music theory with an expert. You'll learn the basics of notes, rhythm, intervals, chords, keys and harmony using music notation, taught from scratch, so no matter your genre or style, you can apply the tools straight away. No previous experience or knowledge is necessary and by the end of the course you will be able to talk about and use music theory with confidence!
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UVI Quadra Muted and Harmonics

A next-step library from UVI, Quadra is a powerful 4-part multi-instrument and sequence designer, ideal for the creation of dynamic, rhythmic, and evolving sequences based on muted and harmonic sounds. Quadra provides a curated instrument selection, deep factory library, focused and intuitive workflow, expressive performance controls, and cinematic sound quality.
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DiyMusicBiz Drug Loops Vol.2

DRUG LOOPS - This is a brand-new sound pack (collection) we're bringing to the table loaded with quality loops, banging 808s, basses hard-hitting kicks, and sneers hi-hat, synths, etc. Keep Drug Loops On Your Radar! Loops: Cut them up, flip them, abuse them. Make them yours, they're here to inspire. One-shot drum hits give you control over your drum programming so you can either aid loop provided or create your drum work from scratch. Compatible with all Major DAWS: Logic Pro X, FL Studio, Reason, Ableton Live, Studio One, Mixcraft, Reason, Reaper, Garageband, etc. Download NOW! //Gifted
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UVI Soundbank UVX-10P

In 1985 the world was introduced to a Japanese 12-voice, 24-oscillator analog synthesizer par excellence and the last true analog synth of its lineage. Fashioned with a sparse aesthetic, a lack of knobs made the system a bit of a chore to program but an external controller could be attached, cheerfully reuniting synthesists with the immediacy and rapid programming speed of its ever-popular sibling lines. This synth is known for an immense and capable analog sound, even some digital textures; it's simply a magnificent machine. Programming capabilities were equally rich with independent control of 2 DCOs per voice, 2 EGs, 2 VCFs, onboard chorus and even a sequencer (albeit a limited one).
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Altiverb 7.28 IR: Duke's Hall

Duke's Hall Royal Academy of Music, London, UK Duke's Hall was built in 1912 and is the concert hall of the Royal Music Academy in London. Between 1989 and 1992 this hall was restored, while improving the accousic conditions.
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DiyMusicBiz 808 Drip Vol.7

Drip Loops Vol 7 This sound pack comes with everything you need to cook up heat: bass, kicks, snares, hats, dope melodic loops as well as 1 shot samples. Take the loops, use as is or cut them up (dry and wet versions available) Or, take the one shots and do you own thing. Get creative, have fun, make some bangers! Compatible with all DAWS: Ableton Live 11 Reason 11, Fl Studio 20, Studio One, Pro Tools (everything)
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UVI Soundbank CS-M 1.5

Between 1979 and 1984 one of our favorite Japanese manufacturers designed and built some of the most unique and distinct sounding analog synthesizers in the world. With CS-M we focused on some of the lesser-known models, including the 70-M, 40-M, 20-M and 01.
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UVI Soundbank Energy

The Synergy had a short commercial run over 3 years, seeing less than 1,000 units produced as it was ultimately obscured by Yamaha’s runaway success with the far cheaper DX7. Actual production numbers are thought to be less than 700 units with very few of those surviving the last 30 years—making it an exceptionally rare instrument.
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UVI Soundbank Kroma

Sporting a bold and blocky design the Rhodes Chroma is a 16-voice analog synthesizer from 1982. One of the first microprocessor-based analog synths it was also the last keyboard designed by ARP, makers of the 2600 and Odyssey among others, before being sold to CBS in 1981.
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