Delectable Records Technophobia 01

'Technophobia' by Delectable Records features inspirational, hard-hitting punchy Techno loops and sounds, designed using high-end outboard gear to extract every nuance and detail from each sample.
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Audentity Records RnB Melodic Guitars

Audentity Records proudly presents: RNB Melodic Guitars, the ultimate guitar samples collection, suitable for genres like RNB, Trap, Hip Hop and lots of others. Our previous guitar packs were used by many artists, the guitar loops seemed to be very usable and sound great with all genres, whether it's pop, dance or chill.
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Trip Digital Git Foundation

Witewolf presents Git Foundation. When you build your home your foundation is your strength... Your security... Your Balance. Use only the most solid material for your track. Clean Electric Tones to be manipulated to your intricacies. Sustained for your discretion. What is your home without melody? Paint the walls with E minor pentatonic notes from E2 to G4. Cross your threshold with some bonus slide riff action. These clean samples can be manipulated with all your favorite DAW plugins. Put some dirt on the Foundation or pour it on with the Mods and Dynamics. Lay the Git Foundation Down.
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Trip Digital Chop Suey by DJ Journey

Chop Suey by DJ Journey gives you treated effects and chops from a New York State of mind. Do you have a future sound you're creating? If so, this is the collection for you. All sound crafted on the Roland DJ-505 controller and optimized by Subpac wearable technology.
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Trip Digital Drag Drum Lo-Fi

DrumDrum Lo-Fi by Beat Hack Lords created 33 treated synth loops and one-shots. Perfect for that easy listening low fidelity vibes students and study-heads crave. All sounds we're optimized by Subpac wearable technologies.
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GARFIELD LO-FI by Trip Digital Sound Design & DJ Journey digs deep into the twisted dark analog synth patch, no man dears to go. Identified as very lo-fi, with a sprinkle of crush distortion. This collection gives you, the programmer a sound that stands alone. Welcome to the dark side.
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Trip Digital BLOCK CHAIN

Block Chain by DJ Journey gives you the power to experiment with the sound designs of a mastermind. Created strictly for the Otherworld programmer, this collection of 33 drag drum dark synths and one-shots will put your production compositions on a frequency, by itself. All sounds are optimized by Subpac technologies.
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Insanity Samples The Cool Jazz Collection

The COOL JAZZ COLLECTION is a specially curated library of 5 instruments designed to embody the cool jazz idiom. With a Miles Davis / Chet Baker style and feel. Perfect for moody, brooding noir style ‘cool’ jazz. A sub-genre that has yet to be properly explored in the sample world, until now. A unique and characterful collection for your tool box.
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Foreign Teck Bases Loaded

Contains : – 808s – 16 – Claps – 15
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Pereponka Beats +600 FLP Pack (including Update)

The pack contains all FLPs of the remakes and type beats from my YouTube channel and some unreleased works. - learn how to make and mix popular songs - find the new high-quality samples and presets
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Daniel Taylor SLATT ! Sample Pack

This pack contains 25 dark WAV file samples in the style of Pyrex Whippa, Wheezy, YSL, Future etc. This pack also contains 50 HH Midis to make your workflow even quicker.
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Master Tones British Kolorizer

From vintage to vavoom, the British Kolorizer, or the “BK” for short, takes sound to a whole new level. The opulent sound of tomorrow, comes to you today. The BK delivers the sharp ultra-modern advantage of AI.
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SkillShare Making creative keyboard sounds for your music

On this class I will teach how any keyboard player can make creative sounds using presets or even creating the sound from scratch. I will show examples of VSTs and types of sound they have, how to tweak the basic controls like envelopes for amp and filter, how to work with EQs and compression on these sounds if needed, how to work with plugins creatively like stutter and Leslie, working with effects like reverb and delay and lastly automations.
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York Audio VLUX 210 P10R

The York Audio VLUX 210 P10R Cab Pack is based on a Fender Custom Vibrolux Reverb Amp loaded with the original Jensen P10R 10” Alnico speakers. The tone is a wonderful mixture of full low-mids, complex midrange with character, and an airy top end with a touch of Alnico raspiness for great touch sensitivity, chime, and clarity.
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WA Production Slap and Bass House Euphoria

The dark, melancholy sounds of Slap & Bass House can truly put your mind in an alternate universe, and there's nothing quite like the feeling it gives you. That's why we've called this pack What about: Slap & Bass House Euphoria -- have a listen, and you'll see!
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