ToxikLive Mortal Vol.1

- 808s (50)- Acapellas (95) - Brass (18) - Demo flp
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SkillShare The Art of Re-Amping

Have you ever felt limited by the saturation and modulation plugins in the box while also having a rocking guitar amp and killer pedals? Then you should try Re-Amping! Join producer and engineer Robert Rodriguez Del Toro on a crash course in the art of Re-Amping and access the real analog equipment you've always had in your home studio. This course breaks down the signal flow so that whether you're in a project studio or professional facility, you can understand the basics of this underrated studio technique.
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Aequor Sound No Brain Dance Pack

Aequor Sound present their new “No-Brain Dance” Pack by Methodub. This is a collection of 12 sketches created using all kinds of unusual tools and techniques that you only can imagine. The flexibility of modular systems and the sound of classic drum machines after experimental processing.
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SkillShare Cakewalk by Bandlab Advanced Ways to Use Tools

Welcome to the Cakewalk : Advanced Ways to Use Tools class. After taking this class, you will be able to use the tools in Cakewalk in a smart way to save time and effort.
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Field and Foley Sci-Fi and Cinematic FX

This sample pack is a diverse collection of expansive FX suited for EDM, cinematic music and beyond. Offering an expertly crafted and curated source of samples, Sci-Fi & Cinematic FX is a must have collection of futuristic impacts, epic explosions, detailed risers, otherworldly slams and more. Slams & short hits can be used across all music genres to impact your music production.
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Zenhiser Flash

Zenhiser returns with what could possibly be the finest collection of desirable samples, loops, and vocals we’ve heard in over a decade. Peel back the layers and you’ll reveal nearly 4GB of content that will transcend your tracks to heavenly levels. Just on vocals alone, this 80’s inspired sample pack is worth every penny, they are literally sublime.
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shxrkz private kit

-5 bonus samples-21 808s -4 sub basses -5 claps
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Jay Cactus The Prick Kit Vol.4

The Prick Kit Volume 4 comes with 10 BONUS orchestral Drill melodies with stems! Just add Woo Loops Vol. 2 to your cart to get it free with this drum kit. This is the most highly anticipated Drill drum kit of the year. Over 251 premium hard-hitting samples, 808 & Hi-Hat MIDI files, 2 full FLP's, and my master chain preset so you can get instantly get those killer cactus drums.
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Trip Digital Synth Sound Treats

Beat Hack Lords presents Synth Sound Treats, a collection of loops design for the new wave production industry. Every beat needs a chord progressions. This theory keeps the listens ears tune to your groove. Mastered by Trip Digital & Loopack Exclusive
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Trip Digital Raw Drums

Exclusive Raw Drums feature single hits recorded live from drums and cymbals uncompressed and design for producers who are looking for a live sound and feel. Kit includes 35 total hits and loops from Medium Crash uncompressed and design for producers who are looking for a live sound and feel. Kit includes 35 total hits and loops from Medium Crash Hi Hat Kick Snare Tom and Bass. Performed and recorded by S.C.R.D. (Sweet Chuck Ravin Dave) in New York City."
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Trip Digital takes a deep dive into the DNA of Detroit’s electronic sound systems.
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Trip Digital Rhodes 2 Riches

We all dream of being rich and wealthy. Having the options to buy anything our hearts desire, traveling to exotic places and eating the finest of foods. What a life! Beat Hack Lords present Rhodes 2 Riches, the gateway to financial freedom. “Get your melodies tight, and your money will be right.” These Rhode piano loops will put your production on its way to being sought after like the Neptunes in 2003. Mixed and edited by DJ Journey.
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Speedsound Ableton Live Template: Aliens Psytrance

'Ableton Live Template: Aliens Psytrance' by Speedsound provides you with a full-on Psytrance track complete with all individual sounds, MIDI, and samples you hear in the demo track. All you need to enjoy this project is Ableton Live.
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Trip Digital Sound Loft X-Generation

Every song sounds the same. Trap has taken over pop and underground music. Never before in our life as music lovers, have we not had variety in sound vibes. Well, correct me if I'm wrong. The finger points to the songwriters, DJ's and producers of our time. The future is now. So let us be a bit more experimental in our sound composition choices. Our artists are starving for something different. Sound Loft, X-Generation by Trip Digital gives you the power to translate the evolution
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Trip Digital Dark Mass Synths

Trip Digital presents Dark Mass Synths by DJ Journey. This collection includes 33 unique synth loops and one shots combined. Crafted on the classic Cake Walk Z3TA+2 Synth Plug-in.
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