SonalSystem Static and Chrome Distorted Melodic Tech Vol.01

UNDENIABLE IMPACT Out of the darkened city streets and glow of electric light comes Static and Chrome. Each groundbreaking pack of loops and samples comes with evolutionary groove kits, innovative bass sounds, hook-ready synths and lush FX to give your next project an immediate and undeniable impact.
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Toolbox Samples Old Film Voices

OLD FIM VOICES IS FULL OF OLD-SOUNDING VOCALS, THAT ARE COMPLETELY ROYALTY-FREE TO USE HOW YOU WISH! Looking for that special voiceover for your productions to give it a certain feel? Toolbox Samples have been busy in the studio creating "Old Film Voices"
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SkillShare Practical Music Theory For Producers - Writing In Key

Eurgh, music theory... ‘Music theory’ are two dreaded words, carrying with them a sense of intimidation and boredom. As a music producer, you might hear these two words and think: ‘this isn’t relevant,’ ‘I don’t need this,’ ‘It’s all just jargon!’.
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Aarne All Hits Drum Kit

10x 808s10x kicks 12x hats 8x claps
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Canary Julz Sample Library Vol.1 (Compositions And Stems)

'Canary Julz Sample Library' is the first installment of the brand new royalty-free sample series by super-producer Canary Julz containing Original Compositions for use in your productions.
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Canary Julz Sample Crate Vol.2 (Compositions And Stems)

Genres : Alternative Rock, Hip Hop, Rnb, etc. This Kit Includes :
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SoundMajorz Vybe Meat and Potatoes

This kit is something all producers can enjoy. It contains all of the essential sounds, the basic "Meat and Potatoes" needed to start making beats, but these aren't just any essentials - they're vybeEssentials.
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MidiLatino Julio H Medallo Sound Bank

Julio H es uno de los productores más importantes en el género urbano en Colombia. A lo largo de su carrera colaborado con artistas como: Nio Garcia, Ñejo y Dalmata, Nicky Jam, Alberto Stylee, Magnate y Valentino, Luigi 21+ entre muchos otros.
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Groove3 Ableton Live 11 Explained

Ableton Live pro Thomas Cochran presents in-depth Ableton Live 11 video tutorials! If you are new to Ableton Live 11 and want to learn the program from the ground up the right way, this course is for you. Thomas starts at the beginning with the important basics and takes you all the way through to exporting your very first song. Two Ableton Live projects that Thomas creates in the videos are also included so you can follow along on your system. These videos are designed for those who are new to Ableton Live 11.
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Groove3 Scaler Explained

Studio expert Larry Holcombe presents comprehensive Plugin Boutique Scaler 2 video tutorials! If you want to learn how to take advantage of all the features and functions available in Scaler and use them to create a world of new ideas, expressions and melodies, this course is the one to watch. Larry walks you through the basics and then dives into the more advanced features and functions, as well as shows you them in action by creating different song ideas from scratch. These videos are for new Plugin Boutique Scaler 2 users.
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prodbyjackiee EMERALD (Drum Kit)

NEW “Emerald” Drill Kit is Out Now! 150 Unique Sounds Including Crazy Grime 808s, Ariana Grande Vox, MIDIs, Mixer Presets, a Template (.flp) for your workflow, brand new Drums and loads of sauce
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Ueberschall Dark Guitar Tunes

Dark Guitar Tunes Combining a sophisticated musicality with a dark, raw, atmosphere, Dark Guitar Tunes is built to inspire. Always haunting and somewhat sinister, the musical moods deliver a dystopic atmosphere, full of dark suspense and unnerving thrills.
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Splice Originals Fire and Ice Analog Astra

Through this pack, our in-house sound design team explored the analog possibilities of Astra Splice’s classic synth instrument. Pulling inspiration from the past 60 years of synth explorers, this pack travels through time from synth progenitors like Delia Derbyshire, Wendy Carlos, and Mort Garson to the emotive sonic visions of Vangelis, Suzanne Ciani, and Laurie Spiegel. We added some additional colors inspired by their contemporary analog heirs, such as Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Lichens, and Chrome Sparks.
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prodbyjackiee Hocus Pocus (Drum Kit) WAV MiDi

NEW “Hocus Pocus” Drill Kit is Out Now! 150+ Unique Sounds Including Crazy Grime 808s, Ariana Grande Vox, MIDIs, Mixer Presets, Loops, brand new Drums and loads of sauce.
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Circles Drum Samples Garage

The Garage is that familiar place that we all know. It has immense character, it’s dirty, it’s unpredictable and that’s exactly why we decided to make the most advanced and in-depth drum sample library, completely inside this unique space.
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