Subsonic Artz Norse Myths for DIVA

To bring this project to life, we've taken inspiration from Norse Mythology and the music from composers such as Olafur Arnalds, Nils Frahm, Uno Helmersson and Peter Broderick to name a few. Norse Myths has been designed to bring you a large palette of Nordic sounds and vibes ; from analogue noirish sounds, to Nordic soundscapes and ambiences, to dramatic underscore synths sounds.
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Muze Horns

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Past To Future Samples Daft Drums!

Dry, Punchy, Hifi drum sound inspired by the French Duo! Recorded to tape with vintage gear like Neve preamps Studer A80 tape machine, and some additional processing done with Roland S760 an awesome sounding sampler that the French duo uses!
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Sunday Supply Weekend Gloss

It's Saturday night as you drive through the city past an array of neon lights. The pavement is still warm from a long day of sun. Cool air flows through the windows and the smell of barbecue and gasoline fills your nose. The timeless sounds of Moog synths, gliding vocoders, smooth guitar, and wavy pads glued to tight drums knock through the car speakers. Nothing but nighttime feel-good driving music made for the soul. Welcome to the world of Weekend Gloss.
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Muze Celesta

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PulseSetter Sounds Detonator:Rage

Hundreds of aggressive one shots, impacts and multisamples for Trailer composers to "perform" sound design style of trailer music. Best of the modern analog, wavetable, fm synths and guitar samples have been processed to create modern sounds for your next trailer music placement.
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Udemy Complete Video Game Music Composition and Music Theory Secrets

Learn video game music composition techniques to compose music for any type of video game: Use psychological tricks! What you'll learn: Psychological music theory secrets to manipulate players into feeling specific emotions
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Jean Michel Jarre MIDI Collection 2020

Just another package of Jean Michel Jarre MIDI Collection 2020 of Artist French & international music acts.This package Midi Files + HTML Info Tracklist By TEAM DjYOPMiX.
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Lynda Learning Max for Ableton Live

Do you want to experiment with sound and synthesis? In this course, instructor Emmanuel Henri shows you how to extend your compositions in Ableton Live by using the Max programming environment. Emmanuel gives an overview of what Max is and how it extends the Ableton Live application. He explores instrument options in the Max library, as well as MIDI effects and audio effects in the Max API. Emmanuel walks you through the Max programming interface, how to construct Max scripts, and how to add and test Max patches. In case you run into snags, he covers online documentation for Max and community-created patches for Max, then concludes with an introduction to NodeJS for Max.
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Ask Video Cubase 11 103 Mixing and Mastering

Steinberg's Cubase 11 has everything for your mixing and mastering needs! Join Cubase expert Matthew Loel T. Hepworth in this course and get ready to bring your mixing and mastering skills to the next level!
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Warp Academy Trap Melodies Scales Sounds and Hacks

Whether you're letting loose with a "Trap Banger" at a festival or sippin' purple and gettin' turnt with some Travis Scott, dark melodies seem to find their way into just about every Trap song these days.
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Kryptic Samples Chillhop Vol.3

'Chillhop Vol 3' by Kryptic Samples is the third and last volume of this tasteful collection influenced by Lo-Fi Hip Hop. This pack includes five Chill Hop Construction Kits featuring soulful chords, savoury piano and guitar melodies, rhythmic percussion loops, punchy kicks, hi-hats, smooth basses, time-honoured classic Hip Hop drum loops and much more. MIDI files are included, so all the elements are ready to be chopped, sliced, stretched and pitched. Simply drag and drop these samples in any DAW and enjoy shaping them to suit your own style.
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