Gio Israel Sacred Instruments Yemen Blues Vocals

The Sacred Instruments series by Gio Israel set the goal of capturing the most diverse, high-quality, and unique musical material. Making ancient music, sounds and instruments accessible through state of the art sound sampling.
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Bullyfinger Marv Krown's Hightop Bass

50 superbly funky bass lines for your productions by the hightop champ himself, Marv Krown. Dive in, loop, and chop these at your pleasure.
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Samplestar Late Night Lofi Lullabies

Samplestar is very proud to present Late Night Lofi Lullabies! Looking for that authentic lofi special sauce? Well, we’ve got you covered! Lose yourself in a blissful down-tempo low fidelity wilderness of soft crisp beats, live washy guitars, boutique synths, and hazy keys.
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Test Press Drum and Bass Drum Tools

Test Press proudly presents a collaboration between legendary drummer Andy Gangadeen and Drum & Bass producer Erb n Dub. It was early on in his drumming career that Andy Gangadeen embraced new technology, fusing acoustic and electronic drums, percussion and programmed sounds.
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Dropgun Samples Ritmo Dance Pop

Reggaeton is one of the most basic genres in the world charts right now, so why not plunge headlong into it? A world of Afro trap music, pounding drums and bright melodic moods.
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Field and Foley Animal Sounds

Lions, tigers, pigs, dogs, cats, dolphins, gorillas, horses, tropical birds, and much more! Recording real animals in their natural habitats, this extensive pack of animal sounds will fit your film, TV & game productions. Includes sounds of animal calls, footsteps, and their environments.
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Canary Julz The Diamond Collection (MIDI Collection)

I bring to you "The Diamond Collection". This collection includes hundreds of Full Melodies, Chord Progressions, HiHat Patterns and more that I originally created for my own Samples/Melody work.
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Prime Loops Shoegaze and Dream Pop

Step into the ethereal world of Shoegaze & Dream Pop! This introspective selection of blissed out pop and indie samples transports you deep into a dreamy world of long, droning riffs, melodic vintage synths, waves of distortion, harmonic phrases, muffled echoes and cascades of feedback; everything you need is here to take your listeners to another dimension!
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Sweatson Klank Presents Dirty Vinyl Top Loops

Sweatson Klank delivers a supreme collection of warm and dirty vinyl top loops for House, Techno and Disco production. Recorded with the highest quality analog equipment, these loops have a warmth that is missing from many of today’s current productions, one only vinyl can achieve. Unlike many packs where sounds are over compressed and brick wall limited, these loops are tastefully compressed but not brick wall limited, ensuring you can add your own flavor to them in the mixing process. BPM ranges from 117-124.
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Trip Digital Charley Gobot Vocal Pack 1

Charley Gobot, the computer virus, was created by an anonymous Silicon Valley hacker known as "The Programmer." This vocal pack is a collaborative effort from Trip Digital Sound Design and Charley Gobot. It consists of words and phrases that give you insight about the character of a computer virus. Allow our demo to be your proof of concept. Enjoy!
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Kazzaprod Knighted Drum Kit

The .nathan. x kazza drumkit has arrived - entitled "Knighted" This drum kit contains sounds that are usable for UK Drill, Trap & Rap beats:
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Emergence Audio Quantum Steel Tongue

Quantum Steel Tongue is a synth pad library comprised of a single steel tongue drum deeply sampled and morphed into the quantum realm. Awe-inspiring textures, pads, soundscapes, pulses, and more. It is part of our ever expanding Quantum Engine Series where we embark on a journey into a new dimension of ambient motion and evolving textures.
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Sound Yeti Method 1

Unlock Beat Making Gold Inspired Beat Making is here. Method 1 virtual drum machine by Sound Yeti delivers today's most powerful tools for making chart topping hip hop, trap, rap, OG, EDM or any modern drum grooves. Made for the modern producer looking to find an edge.
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NastyBoy Nasty Drums pt. 1 (Drum Kit)

808's - 33Chants - 13 Claps - 24 Crashes - 9
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NastyBoy Nasty Drums pt. 2 (Drum Kit)

808s - 30Chants - 7 Claps - 9 Crashes - 5
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