Groove3 STRAYLIGHT Explained®

Studio wiz Fabio Lendrum delivers in-depth Native Instruments STRAYLIGHT video tutorials! If you want to learn all of STRAYLIGHT's features and functions, including how to use it creatively to design etheral and emotive sounds, this STRAYLIGHT video tutorial series is for you. Discover the sonic power that Granualar Synthesis coupled with non-linear Sample Playback can generate! These videos are designed for new STRAYLIGHT users.
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Groove3 Logic Pro Drum Synthesis Explained®

Logic guru Larry Holcombe brings you Logic Pro video tutorials covering everything you need to know to fully understand drum synthesis and program your own impactful drum sounds from scratch, using nothing but Logic Pro! To make learning this topic easier, you also get all the patches that are created in the video tutorials, as well as the Logic Pro session and samples, so you can follow along on your system. These videos are for those who already know how to use Logic Pro, but want to get a deeper understanding of the art of sound designing electronic drum sounds in Logic Pro.
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PUREMIX Andrew Scheps Revisiting Lifeboats

In 2015, a previous version of world-renowned mixing engineer, Andrew Scheps, mixed "Lifeboats". Now he returns five years later as "Future Andrew'' to revisit the mix and see what has changed in his template.
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Sonic Academy How To Make Vocal Tech House with Mescal Kids

Back by popular demand with another absolute banger we proudly welcome back Scott Lowe from Mescal Kids with an all-new 'How To Make' course showing us how they made their high ranking Beatport track 'Never Knew
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Rubicon Free Jazz

This pack explores the abstract rhythmic concepts and extended saxophone techniques that can be found in today's most forward-thinking free jazz. Produced by Jason Nazary and featuring performances from Sam Weinberg on tenor, Darius Jones on alto, and Jason on drums, this collection presents each musician’s unique sonic vocabulary, developed through years of curious exploration of each instrument's potential. With a focus on modern production, this pack is infused with the essence of John Coltrane, David Murray, Dewey Redman, and Evan Parker.
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X10 Bass Island Dancehall x Pop

As the worlds of pop, dancehall, and Afrobeat move closer to each other, amalgamating, this pack represents the current sound of Afro-Caribbean music and its influence on the pop charts. Brixton Bass Mafia [Stylo G, Dref Gold] stepped into the studio to combine the riddims and melodies born from dancehall and Afrobeat. The result is a pack brimming with bright melodies and chord progressions, knockin’ drums specially designed from the ground up, and more.
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AudeoBox Your Type (Beats) 2 Trap 'n B

A year after our its addition to the AudeoBøx catalog, the long awaited follow up to Your Type (Beats) has finally arrived just in-time for you to fall in love with something that is just Your Type. Expanding and expounding on what made Your Type one of our biggest releases of 2020, YT(B)2 highlights an array of puzzle pieces that can help you to make any Type Beat.
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Parallax Inversion Tech Trance

Relentless rhythms, ambient arpeggios, and psychedelic basslines intertwine in this tech-trance collection of loops, one-shots and Serum presets. Get to grips with stadium-ready synths, expertly crafted drum hits, and more.
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