DABRO Music Techno Chemistry

DABRO Music presents Techno Chemistry, a solid collection of dark, textural, organic modular sounds from a perfectionist sound designer myoss. All content here is 100% Royalty Free and ready for immediate deployment in your music.
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Splice Sessions Modern Afrobeat with ISS 814

Iss 814 returns with his fourth Splice Sessions pack, this time putting the Senegalese twist on the modern Afrobeat and Afropop sounds that have taken Nigeria and the world by storm. This pack was crafted with today’s R&B, hip hop, and pop producers in mind, offering them expertly executed Senegalese rhythms and ancient instruments like the ngoni, kora, and talking drum (tama).
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Rubicon Prepared Piano

Prepared Piano is the practice of modifying acoustic pianos with the placement of found objects between their strings, hammers, and dampers. Coming from the school of experimental 20th century music and musique concrète, the technique embraces the concept of noise as music, as pioneered by composers such as John Cage.
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Pelham and Junior Eastern Dusk

Middle Eastern Music, specifically Middle Eastern strings, can be found throughout the timeline of Hip-Hop and R&B music. From the ever-so-popular Timbaland produced "Big Pimpin" by Jay-Z to "Make Me Better" by Fabolous and Ne-Yo, and "Don’t Know What to Tell Ya" by Aaliyah; all sampled songs by popular Middle Eastern artists. The influence of Middle Eastern flute melodies and strings can also be found in modern trap music as well.
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Sonic Collective Vintage Pop Guitars

Vintage Pop Guitars offers all the signature progressions and melodies to make the next wave of hits. This pack includes searing lead lines, warm chords and infectious licks which can be tweaked and chopped to make your own!
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TrakTrain Seaside Paragliding

Traktrain is proud to present the "Seaside Paragliding" Lo-Fi sample pack with 300 high-quality samples created by an affiliated producer. They include bass, drum, and melody loops as well as some one-shots, voice, and ambient samples. The pack is perfect for making Lo-Fi, Jazz-Hop or Chillwave beats. However, one can find a use for these sounds in such genres as Trap and Phonk.
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WavSupply Noah Mejia Mixture (MIDI Kit)

40 custom made melody MIDI patterns created by Noah Mejia of Internet Money.
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XSEPT (Broken Souls Kit)

700mb of sounds in here for you all 808s - 12 Acapellas - 11
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qioh's sounds Vol.1

contains - - 15 808s/basses - 7 claps
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YoungBoyBrown On My Kidz Drum Kit Vol.3

- Contains -: - !!STASH -15 - 808s - 8
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MultiMedia Modeling: 27th International Conference

The two-volume set LNCS 12572 and 1273 constitutes the thoroughly refereed proceedings of the 27th International Conference on MultiMedia Modeling, MMM 2021, held in Prague, Czech Republic, in June2021.
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Mapping Musical Signification

This book is a unique attempt to systematize the latest research on all that music connotes. Musicological reflections on musically expressive content have been pursued for some decades now, in spite of the formalist prejudices that can still hindermusicians and music lovers. The author organizes this body of research so that both professionals and everyday listeners can benefit from it – in plain English, but without giving up the level of depth required by the subject matter. Two criteria have guided his choice among the many ways to speak about musical meaning: its relevance to performance, and its suitability to the teaching context.
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WA Production Drums In Serum

In this course we are learning how to synthesize actual legit sounding EDM drum sounds inside XFer Serum only. Serum is a powerful synthesizer for bass sounds, pads, synths etc. but for drums it can be a little tricky.
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Udemy Beginner Violin Course Become a Violin Master from Scratch

In this course we will learn to play violin from the ground up. We cover everything from how to hold the violin and the bow, how to read music, and all the essential music theory material that you need to know; meanwhile we start working on beginner violin songs together, which include easy violin songs such as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and we slowly tackle more complicated songs as we grow into playing the violin over the span of the course.
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Sonuscore Ethnic Vocal Phrases

EXPRESSIVE SOLO PHRASES ETHNIC VOCAL PHRASES - BY HAYAT SELIM is our next vocal solo instrument for impressive soundtracks. It brings powerful and emotional vocal phrases directly at your fingertips. Ensoul your music with the distinctive touch of the human voice.
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