Sound Premier NOVUS 1.0 By FARO

With 195 crazy unique sound to play with, this pack is full of inspiration and content to get your creative process moving towards a masterpiece. Inspired by artist and producers such as Travis Scott, Night Lovell, 21 Savage, Eestbound, Wondagurl, and many more!
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Splice Sounds Digital Nas Sample Pack

He's produced for Playboi Carti, SmokePurpp, and Trippie Redd, and most noticeably, lent production talents for a countless number of Lil Yachty joints. What made him the go-to sound maestro for Lil Boat? Dive into his first sample pack to find out. Wide-ranging sample choices like gritty guitars and FX, rumbling sub bass, and eclectic rhythms await.
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MVSIS Drum Kit Vol.1

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MasterClass Sheila E. Teaches Drumming and Percussion

Sheila E., a world-class drummer and percussionist who has played with the likes of Marvin Gaye and Ringo Starr, shares her personal journey and invites you into the dynamic world of rhythm and performance in her new MasterClass on drumming and percussion. Learn the fundamentals of drumming and get started right away, whether you own a drum set or use pots and pans from around your house. Discover Sheila’s warm-up routines and learn how to train for the stage, lead a band effectively, and always follow the beat.
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Quay Global Cook it Up Vol.1 Official Sound Kit

Quay Global is most well known for his production for Lil Baby, Young Thug, Future, City Girls & many more. He has finally developed a drum kit that contains 808s, Claps, Hi Hats, and a few melodic-medlodies. This is the perfect starter kit to get the Quay Global sound at home. The kit contains, 8 808s, 10 Claps, 7 Hi-Hats, 10 Percs, 5 samples, and 8 snares.
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Splice Sounds Marquis Hawkes House Essentials

Marquis Hawkes is a London-born house producer whose discography tastefully blends underground and classic influences. His tracks are meticulously crafted in terms of both composition and production, and Hawkes brings this attention of detail to his first sample pack. Ranging tight one-shots to exploratory rhythmic and tonal loops, Marquis Hawkes' "House Essentials" sample pack is an invaluable resource for any producer working in the genre.
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Audiomodern Biologic

Biologic is a diverse and exciting sample pack that is packed full of analogue and experimental loops and samples, each with their own unique flavour and texture. The pack utilizes a number of experimental recording techniques and includes processed synthesizer loops, distorted leftfield drum breaks, twisted analogue bass sounds, circuit bent synth loops, rhythmic percussion patterns and a unique blend of organic and mechanical sounds.
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Truefire Tim Lerch Live Plus Jazz Insights Episode 01

TrueFire’s Live Plus series enhances the learning experience of select and previously recorded TrueFire Live broadcasts with high-quality video, video-sync tab and notation, looping, jam tracks, Guitar Pro files, and all of the other learning tools available in TrueFire’s desktop, mobile, and streaming apps.
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Truefire Rob Garland Chord Navigator CAGED Embellishments

In Rob Garland’s first edition of Chord Navigator, you focused on CAGED triads and worked on applying major, minor, augmented, and diminished shapes all across the fretboard. The second edition took things to the next level with the addition of major seventh, minor seventh, and dominant seventh shapes to your CAGED chord vocabulary.
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Truefire Robben Ford's Songcraft Purple House

In Robben Ford’s Purple House edition of SongCraft, Robben will guide you through his ‘songcraft’ for six of the songs from his Purple House record. For each song, you'll first listen to the finished studio recording and then work through various aspects of his creative process.
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Future Loops Jungle Intelligence

Future Loops presents Jungle Intelligence , a collection of fierce and sharp Jungle drums . After the success of Nuclear DNB or Jungle Veterans , Jungle Intelligence continues to explore the world of Drum & Bass samples !
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Future Loops Slynk

Future Loops is proud to release the long awaited sample pack that is here to delight all the funky heads and breaks addicts : "Slynk Presents Ultimate Funky Glitch Hop" is an inspirational and juicy collection with over 1000 samples produced by the one and only Evan Chandler ( aka Slynk ) - the Ghetto Funk master, groove bandit and Glitch Hop guru!
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Future Loops Soulville

Future Loops presents Soulville - Vintage Hip Hop & RNB Instrumentals a deluxe collection of with 591 samples & loops in WAV. Soulville - Vintage Hip Hop & RNB Instrumentals brings you a smokey set of kits inspired by the soulful sounds of the 70's and that perfectly blends vintage Hip Hop , Soul and R&B - a must-have for producers looking for lush , smooth , mellow , jazzy and crusty samples!
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Future Loops The Rooftop

Future Loops presents The Rooftop - Cinematic & Chill Sessions an enticing collection of royalty-free cinematic & chill out sounds in WAV format. The Rooftop - Cinematic & Chill Sessions brings you over 280 meticulously shaped samples that will blend perfectly into your next Hip Hop , Ambient or Chill productions !
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8Dio Studio Vintage Series Wurlitzer Electric Piano

The 8Dio Studio Vintage Series Wurli is the most comprehensively deep-sampled Wurlitzer ever created. Recorded and processed at 24-Bit / 96Khz at our famous British Studio through a large custom NEVE desk. The Studio Wurli contains both standard (Sustains and Staccato w/ RR) and prepared articulations (Muted Tines). All standard sustain samples were recorded with both pedals up and pedal down positions. In addition, we also added staccato (w/ round robin) for fast playing styles. We also opened up the Wurlitzer and recorded the internal mechanics, including gently muting the tines for a different type of sound as well as individually recording the internal speaker for a truly authentic sound.
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