PVLACE Secret Loopkit Vol.2

14 Loops + Too Blessed Melody Stems + Complete VST + PRESET LIST for all VSTs that got used in the song "Rich The Kid, Quavo & TakeOff - Too Blessed" All PVLACE loops are NOT Royalty Free. Placements with major artists and or major labels
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Truefire Take 5 Uptown Blues Soloing

Soloing Over Sophisticated Blues Changes As a blues player, soloing over more sophisticated modern blues progressions, gospel or jazz-influenced changes is always a refreshing break from the typical 1-4-5 progression. BUT, you’ll find that your minor and major pentatonic vocabulary will only get you so far.
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CyberLink Director Suite 365

Video, Photo & Audio Editing Software for Creative Professionals. With eye-catching effects and powerful tools for video, photo, color, and audio editing, Director Suite 365 is the complete editing suite for content creators. Get everything you need to create polished, professional-looking visuals or artistic masterpieces all in one powerful and intuitive production workflow.
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Toontrack Latin Cuban Percussion EZX

Toontrack has announced the release of the Latin Cuban Percussion EZX expansion for EZdrummer 2 and Superior Drummer 3, recorded by acclaimed percussionist Richie Flores and Grammy Award-winning engineer Dave Kowalski at Sear Sound Studios in New York.
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Internet Money Repko & Census Variety (HH MIDI Kit)

Custom made midi kit containing 50 Midi + Bonus Patterns. Created by Repko & Census of Internet Money.
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Splice Sessions Afro Cuban

Cuba has a long history of influencing the music and culture of West Africa. It dates back from the 18th Century slave trade to the 1920s when record companies began marketing Cuban music in Africa. The genre really took off in the 1960s and ‘70s when the Cuban administration brought aid to West African countries gaining their independence from France, resulting in an influx of Cuban immigrants to Africa.
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Dropgun Samples Futuristic Chill Beats

Dropgun Samples is proud to present a sample pack designed to give your bits a unique flavor and to immerse you in an unforgettable atmosphere of luxury sound. This multifaceted sample pack harmoniously blends the relaxing chill-hop vibe and futuristic jazz brilliance. This sample pack will be useful to any beatmaker who strives for maximum quality and uniqueness of his bits. Each kit is a separate story, filled with a bunch of unique sounds, chord progressions, and original timbres. In this sample pack you will find everything you need, parts that will allow you to make your own special progression on their basis, as well as awesome drum one-shots and loops, which is quite important in hip-hop world. No need more words, just have a listen and use it. By BassRox.
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Nottz's Insane Asylum Volume 1

Nottz brings you 2 Construction kits full of insanity, featuring his signature drum samples, grooves, and melodic one shots.
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Audiofier Riffendium 5

RIFFENDIUM SERIES is a themed sample library collection for modern producers and composers. It includes loops of real, modeled, synthesized and designed instruments, resulting in an original palette of inspiring sounds for creators of electronic and organic music.
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REFLEX-PRO-X is the flagship of stw-audio delay modules. It's designed as a true stereo multi delay/fx unit with enhanced modulation and effect combination features and therefore one of the most versatile delay plug ins on the market.
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StudioPlug Galaxy (Omnisphere Bank)

Galaxy (Omnisphere Bank) Contains +50 Unique Custom Preset Sound Patches Created By “DJ Vybe” Inspired By Artist “Drake, Future, Lil Keed, Gunna, Lil Baby, The Weeknd” and many more artist to deliver that next level sound to keep your beat production on lock. As music is constantly changing you don’t want to be left behind. Each sample was customly created to give you the ultimate producer experience when it comes to sound selection. If your chord structure is great, make sure your sound selections are too.
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ST2 Samples Moombah

'Moombah' by Sample Tools by Cr2 is inspired by the sounds of Dillon Francis, Munchi, Diplo and more. This toolkit features a bespoke collection of Moombahton inspired samples, perfect for producers looking to add some firepower to their productions.
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Cryptic Posthuman

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Boom Library Creature Foley

MEET THE COLOSSUS OF FOLEY CREATURE FOLEY is the ultimate toolkit for all sound design tasks featuring impactful, wide-range, engaging and detailed movement. It offers an almost inexhaustible pool of actions, sizes, characteristics, materials and variations that will have you build and design complex scenes with ease. Containing over 19,000 sounds in total at a staggering 16 GB of content, this library is the biggest CREATURE FOLEY sound collection ever created.
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ForeignGotEm Grammy Szn Drum Kit

GrammySZN - a foreigngotem drum kit 10 808 Samples 10 Kick Samples
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