PUREMIX Matt Ross-Spang Episode 7 Recording Acoustic Guitar

The foundation of the song is solid, the Masqueraders have layered the backgrounds beautifully, and some of Memphis' finest have laid down some incredible horns on "Just As Long As You Want Me."
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Famous Audio Live Series Chilled Flutes

We are proud to present 3rd release of our “Live Series” brand!! As already know - in this series - we are focusing on a single instrument for each product. What we have at this time? “Chilled Flutes” brings an cinematic chill flavour to your compositions with captivating rich and warm tones of this flute melodies.
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Sample Tools by Cr2 Groove Protocol

'Groove Protocol' by Samples by Cr2 contains everything you need for creating your own festival anthems from bouncing basslines, punchy drum hits, complex lead synths all the way to detailed MIDI files and perfectly produced presets. Inside there are six carefully designed songstarter Construction Kits to help get your ideas flowing.
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Groove3 Logic Pro X Creating Generative Music

Logic Pro X expert Larry Holcombe delivers eye and mind opening Logic Pro X 10.5 video tutorials! Watch how to set up Logic Pro X 10.5 to automatically create and produce completely original tracks and effects using its built-in generative and automated features and functions, perfect for when you're looking for new ideas, have writer's block, or just want something truly random and unique. These videos are for those who have an intermediate level or greater of Logic Pro X 10.5.X.
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Renraku Beatmaker Essentials

BEATMAKER ESSENTIALS is a gift to aspiring and established musicians looking to stand out on a fundamental level from the Internet’s overwhelming stock of “type beats” and other rap-focused production. DET’s latest sample pack shows off his impressive abilities for groove and one-shot creation, clear from the assortment of subtle textures and characteristics that coax each drum hit to fill its space perfectly in the mix. Kicks, snares, claps, shakers, hi-hats, rim-shots, and much more are readily available for you as individuals and loops to make producing the beats you hear in your head as straightforward as possible.
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Producergrind The All You Need Drum Kit + Bonus

This is the first official drum kit release from Team Producergrind's newest producer TB Digital. We have been working on this for 4 long months creating a pack of new sounds in an era where most drum kits are filled with recycled sounds. With all the exclusive drums, Fl Studio mixer presets, melody/drum scores, and WAV samples this is really the most value we have ever put into a drum kit. **The BONUS melody loops come with a license for unlimited 100% royalty free usage.
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Playcrate Pharmaceutical Drum Kit

Playcrate is excited to present the newest drum kit from emerging Hip Hop producer, Hayes. This kit is packed full of quirky, yet punchy drum sounds that accompany every style of Hip Hop from boom bap to contemporary trap production. Hayes' drum programming and selection has received cosigns from super producers such as !llmind, S1, & more. This kit does not disappoint.
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AP11 Sample Pack Vol.2

Hi, glad to finally release my second sample pack. I spent a lot more time there than the first because I've integrated a lot of sounds I used and reworked in my tracks, but also new sounds that you've probably never heard of in no other pack !
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KOOKUP BREATH Guitar And Vocals

"BREATH" is a sample pack with hip-hop oriented vocal samples and guitar loops! Perfect for beats in the style of Gunna, Lil Baby and Young Thug! This pack contains:
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TrakTrain Glacier Valley

Traktrain is happy to present the "Glacier Valley" Lo-Fi sample pack with 300 high-quality samples. They include bass, drum, and melody loops as well as some one-shots and effects samples. This kit will shine within the EDM genre and Electronic music in general - Trance, House, you name it. However, there are cool sounds and ideas for all main modern styles of music, including Pop, Hip-Hop, Emo Rap, and Trap.
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Pelham and Junior Lush Hues

Lush Pianos & Rhodes, lo-fi atmospheric Pads, ambient Guitars, warm Bass synths and our unique vocal phrases this is not only a part of the Pelham & Junior sound, but it’s where it all began.
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Samplestar Neosoul Sessions

Samplestar are very proud to present Neo Soul Sessions! Fusing contemporary R&B and 1970s style soul with elements of hip-hop, Neo Soul Sessions aims to deliver an eclectic and colorful production pack oozing with unique character and charm.
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Dome of Doom Mono/Poly Splice Sounds Sound Library Vol.1

In defying the laws of tradition, Los Angeles based music producer Mono/Poly has managed to outstrip the logics of multi-genre producing. Known for his distinct madness of face-melting bass, paired with his dreamy astral soundscapes of glitch-based hip-hop, Mono/Poly has proved himself to be a natural phenomenon.
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SkyroBeats Evil Dawn

Evil Dawn V2 Drumkit including 101 .WAV Files +11x Must-Have Sounds of Evil Dawn V1 8x808's | 10xClaps | 3xCymbals | 4xFx | 8xHiHats | 10xKicks | 6xOpenHats | 17xPercs | 25xSnares | 10xVox
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Sonic Academy Tech Tips Volume 54 with Bluffmunkey

It's time for some more Tech Tips and joining us from his studio for volume 54 we have Bluffmunkey sharing some of his wisdom! These 10 videos cover some very different topics but are all super useful when it comes to music production - from using LFO Tool in a variety of ways, making a single drum hit differ so it can be layered or sequenced in a track to building an awesome arp lead easily and choosing the right cable for your hardware.
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