Triad Sounds Future House Funk

Inspired by the recent sounds of acts like Oliver Heldens, Throttle, Heldeep and Guru Records Triad Sounds is proud to release Future House Funk. A new sound has emerged in Future House, its fusion with funk. Leading the way are artists like Oliver Heldens, Throttle and Damien N-Drix.

Labels include Guru and Heldeep Records. Inside you will find 5 brand new and pioneering Key/Tempo Labelled Construction Kits. Each kit contains all WAV and MIDI files. Over 131 MIDIs And WAVs files ranging from Drums, Synths, Bass, Piano, Leads and much more.
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BLACKWOOD Samples Acoustic Guitars Vol 2

BLACKWOOD Samples presents a second series of “Acoustic Guitars”, of real guitars designed for all producers. You will find Guitar Loops and FX (Reverb/Reverse/Radio), nothing beats the sound of a real guitar.
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BLACKWOOD Samples Acoustic Guitars

BLACKWOOD Samples presents “Acoustic Guitars”, a collection of Acoustic Guitar sounds. You will find One-Shots, Sample & Loops and everything you need to create lively Guitar tracks, guaranteed to add colour, warmth and melody to any production.
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PUREMIX How To Comp Vocals

A flawless, one-take vocal performance has become increasingly rare these days.

But that's not a problem, this is why every modern DAW allows all of us producers and engineers to meticulously edit together any number of takes into one perfect performance.
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Groove3 Parallel Compression for Drums

Drum master Luke Oswald reveals how to apply Parallel Compression to your drum tracks, adding musical depth and punch. You'll also learn how to compress individual channels, alternative workflows, using 3rd party plug-ins and more!
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Loopmasters Sonny Wharton Percussive Tech House 2

Sonny Wharton returns to Loopmasters with the second volume of Percussive Tech House - an unrelenting onslaught for the senses with chunky Beats, rave-inspired Leads and undulating subsonic Bass. Provided for you by Loopmasters and 100% Royalty Free for your productions!

A firm fixture in the House and Techno scene, Sonny Wharton has established himself as one of the finest DJ/Producers to emerge from the UK in recent years. His tracks receive regular rotation from the biggest names in the industry, including Pete Tong, Annie Mac, Danny Howard and most Carl Cox! Sonny’s skills within the studio have seen him collaborate with X-Press 2, DJ Chus and Roland Clark, and remix for the likes of Morcheeba, The Temper Trap, Frankie Knuckles and Fatboy Slim.
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udemy Audition CC Building on the Fundamentals

Learn how to work with multi-tracks and essential techniques for getting the most out of your audio products.

Learn how to work with multi-tracks and essential techniques for getting the most out of your audio products.
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Udemy Modal Theory for Guitar Guitar Lessons from Lutz Academy

Master The 7 Modes & Learn How to Apply Them

This Lutz Academy Master Class will take you through all seven modes! Presented in a 9-part video series and paired with shape print-outs for each mode, Jared Cattoor will guide you step-by-step through each mode as you learn the construction, theory, and application of this complex concept
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Transmission Samples Recreated Series Vol 1

Its finally here! Our very first Recreated Series soundset for the Sylenth1!

We have painstakingly recreated some of the most well-known synthesiser sounds from todays popular music. Series 1, features no other than 64 high quality, instantly usable sounds! Each sound makes use of Sylenth1 on-board effects, so what you hear is what you get!
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SoundBits Computer Sound FX 2.0

This library from SoundBits contains over 1000 designed computer sound effects to give your interface or animation the right sonic-treatment.
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Ilya Efimov Bawu

The bawu is a Chinese wind instrument. Although shaped like a flute, it is actually a free reed instrument, with a single metal reed. It is played in a transverse (horizontal) manner. It has a pure, clarinet-like timbre and its playing technique incorporates the use of much ornamentation, particularly bending tones. The bawu likely originated in the Yunnan province of southwest China. It has become a standard instrument throughout China, used in modern Chinese compositions for traditional instrument ensembles.
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IRCAM Lab The Snail

The Snail is a very high-precision frequency-domain analyzer that delivers an easy to understand representation of sounds based on the scales and notes aligned in spectrally active zones.
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IRCAM Lab “TS” stands for “Transpose/Stretching” and is a powerful stand alone software application that revolutionizes the way audio signals can be processed. Unlike other time stretching applications, “TS” uses an advanced phase vocoder engine (SuperVP) as well as the analysis/synthesis functionalities of “AudioSculpt”, providing high-quality sound processing in real-time.
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BeatSkillz DropX

What is Dropx?
DropX is a very easy to use Drag & Drop Sampler plugin with Beat Repeat. The plugin can contain upto 3 layers of samples which are auto-mapped by pitch as soon as they are dropped in the sample window per layer.
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Loopersound Tech Vocals

"Tech Vocals" by Loopersound, offers a great selection of vocals. The Pack includes 192 Male Vocals labelled with the root key, divided in phrase and Fx vox.
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