Raw Loops Moog Bass

30 Moog Bass presets for the Ableton Sampler instrument plugin. The infamous sound of moog bass is fully covered here with every sample created with new Moog Sub 37 analog synthesizer. Super subby, thick, round, hard hitting and full sounding all out bass samples. Tweak filters, ADSR, pitch envelopes and much more inside of ableton’s sampler with these raw uncut moog sounds.
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sound DUST Infundibulum 1

Infundibulum#1 is a multi-arp workstation, a gloriously messy playground of poly rhythmical possibilities with an open door policy for unexpected artifacts and happenstance.
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Groove3 FL Studio Tips and Tricks

FL Studio guru Tyler Coffin reveals some of his most awesome tips and tricks in these in-depth FL Studio 12 video tutorials. Learn tons of cool techniques and ideas for using instruments, plug-ins, workflows and more. You also get the FL Studio 12 session project for more inspiration and experimentation!
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Groove3 Recreating the Sound of a Live Concert

In this course, Josh Bess explains how to recreate the sound of hearing your original music being played at a live music festival. Josh demonstrates what details go into creating the space, atmosphere, and full environmental sounds by applying simple audio effects such as Reverb and EQ. Josh discusses ideas focused on this topic, along with many other related topics asked throughout the live webinar
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Loopmasters Acoustic Drum Workshop

Loopmasters present Acoustic Drum Workshop, a mammoth archive of top-draw acoustic Drum Hits, with Kicks, Toms, Cymbals and THIRTY different Snares! With the biggest collection of Drums in the land, Matt Butlin takes us on an epic tour of his customised collection, sampling everything in sight!
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Blackwood Samples Acoustic Guitars Vol 7

BLACKWOOD Samples presents “Acoustic Guitars 7”, a new collection of Live Guitars, destined to bring soul and character to your compositions. This pack will allow you to immediately build a structure with real guitars designed for all producers. You will find Guitar Loops, Fx, will offer a refreshing approach to use samples in your music. Guitar Loops at 130 BPM. Acoustic Guitars 7 is 100% Royalty-Free. - Enjoy!
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Blackwood Samples Acoustic Guitars Vol 6

BLACKWOOD Samples presents the sixth series of “Acoustic Guitars”, a great collection of acoustic guitar samples. You will find Guitar Loops, Guitar Fx and also brings you the sound of Acoustic Guitar, providing a fantastic backing to your tracks enabling you to mix, the perfect accompaniment. Guitar Loops at 130 Bpm. Acoustic Guitars 6 is 100% Royalty-Free. - Enjoy!
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Digital Felicity Rent Money Drum Kit

Rent Money Drum Kit is a lightweight, easy on the wallet drum kit designed to help you create a much more underground style of trap music made popular over the years. Rent Money Comes with a variety of samples to choose from such as: 10 Hard hitting 808 subs, 10 Kick Drums to layer on the 808s and 10 snappy snares.
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Coursera Berklee College of Music Jazz Improvisation Taught by Gary Burton

Learn the basic concepts of improvisation from Gary Burton, one of the most renowned improvisers in the jazz world, including the mental, melodic, and harmonic processes that contribute to the instinctive skills that an improviser puts to use when taking a solo.
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UNDRGRND Sounds House Chords

A connoisseurs selection of chord stabs for the real house heads! Give your sampler a fresh dose of chord inspiration with this dedicated pack of analogue and digitally crafted chords in a variety of keys. Dope!
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Sharp Strictly G-House 2

"Strictly G-House 2" from SHARP brings another round of G-House Construction Kits, loaded with Loops, One Shots, MIDI and Presets. All the tools you need to take your production to the next level.
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Two Waves Deep House 1st Edition

Deep House 1st Edition is our new package of samples focused exclusively on the deep and moody sounds of Deep House.
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2Deep King Draco Pt.II

King Draco Part II' continues this chart-topping series from 2DEEP. Like its predecessor, this kit focuses on the hard street anthems to the warm sound of Toronto's finest. These beats are inspired by artists such as Gucci Mane, Future, Lil Uzi Vert, Drake, Big Sean, ASAP Ferg & The Weeknd.
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Loopmasters DX Heaven

Loopmasters present DX Heaven – a retro-futuristic collection of modern sounds for Native Instruments FM8. Packed with interstellar Arps, warm Leads, barbaric Bass light-speed Synths and more – DX Heaven takes you through the looking glass into a brave new world of FM!
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JTC Blues Extensions Alex Hutchings

Alex Hutchings returns to the JTC hot seat once again to deliver another flawless display of Blues soloing! In this 5 track series, Alex is jamming over some straight forward original Blues tracks, but with a twist! The concept of his soloing in these tracks is all about adding a deeper level of extension to the harmonies. Of course, the sheer amount of new licks here to learn is vast but overall Alex wanted to take some classic Blues licks and phrases and add a whole new level to them!
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