Blastwave FX Hits and Whooshes

Introducing Hits & Whooshes! This collection of 1,001 HD production elements contains various styles of sound effects to highlight a transition or simply punch your audience in the face! The files are organized by length and come complete with embedded metadata. Hits & Whooshes from Blastwave FX - the new wave in sound effects!
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RV Samplepacks Deep Blues Guitars

RV Samplepacks present Deep Blues Guitars – a smooth collection of laid-back moody Guitar riffs, designed from the ground up to add Bluesy Soul to your productions. Provided for you with no royalties to pay, this pack is a one-stop-shop for your Soul Blues Guitar needs.
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Orchestral Tools Soloists I Nocturne Violin

The Nocturne Violin is part of Orchestral Tools' new Soloists Series. A series of beautiful sounds from selected artists from Berlin which we captured with a solo-style dynamic range and a variety of lyrical expressions. Months of development and test recordings led us to new concepts in legato and articulation sampling and with CAPSULE this instrument will be usable in a very intuitive way.
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Orchestral Tools Soloists II Nocturne Cello

Orchestral Tools' Soloists Series is focused on detailed captured sampled solo instruments that reach a degree of expression and realism never heard before.
Selected artists from Berlin were recorded in a Solo-Style dynamic range, with the lyrical expression and the finest tone that is needed to create extraordinary solo lines and phrases.
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SoundBits Just Impacts Extension I

SoundBits “Just Impacts – Extension I“ description:
“Just Impacts – Extension I” features 237 sound effects of mainly metal and wood impacts, metal armor hits, crashes, door slams, heavy metal drops, shield blocks, metal wall hits
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Soundbox Essential Ibiza

Deep House and Tech aficionados Soundbox are back with a whopping 1.8GB of loops and samples to appease the clubs and radio of the White Isle.

Essential Ibiza has been compiled from our back catalog giving you everything needed to craft those Terrace teasers, Beach bumpers and Club crunchers with that sun drenched Eivissa vibe.
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Touch the Universe Melodic Enchantment

These presets are geared more to the exotic genres such as Goa Trance, Psy Trance, Psybient, and also Progressive Trance. It is filled with unique lush pads and many exotic goa trance style lead and glides.

The Melodic Enchantment Soundset for Hive contains over 200 exotic presets that are designed to primarily focus on leads that will sound and play beautifully for all types of melodies --ranging from the wildly complex, monophonic gliding leads of goa trance to the beautiful, polyphonic counterpoint plucks of melodic trance.
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Touch the Universe Luscious Bass and SQ

Touch The Universe is thrilled to present Luscious Bass & Sequences for LuSH-101, a prolific, genre bending, assortment of 330+ Thick and Creamy, Super Wide Stereophonic Basses and Futuristic Complex Multi-Sequenced Basslines to fuel the latest cutting edge productions.

This huge collection of kick-ass layered basses covers a wide sonic territory and is split in two parts: basses and multi-sequences, which are full of modulation.
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Touch the Universe Euphonic Resonance

Touch The Universe is elated to present the Euphonic Resonance Soundset for LuSH-101, a prolific, genre bending, assortment of 320+ Ultra Lush Leads, Crisp Keys and Plucks, Pulsating Sound Effects, and Beautiful, Complex, Futuristic Arps to fuel the latest cutting edge productions.
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Touch the Universe Ambient Dreamtime

Touch The Universe Productions is extremely pleased to introduce the Ambient Dreamtime Soundset for LuSH-101, a genre transcending, massive assortment of over 225 multi-layered pads, textures, soundscapes, and rhythmic sequences for the latest cutting edge productions.
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Leap Into The Void Crystalline Textures

Ordered and logical structures of tonality, noise, dirt, clicks, glitches, feedback and scraping.

The library have what I'd like to call two dominant areas, the first is textures with a slow attack. The second is what may better be described as bell and mallet sounds, sounds with fast attack and long release. Holding down these notes for a longer time enables an evolving texture aswell.
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Alonso Maarten Vorwerk

Following up his latest Soundset release on Alonso Sound for Sylenth1, we present the Maarten Vorwerk Spire Soundset. Spanning 128 presets organized within 6 categories, each preset is assigned all 4 of the Macro controls programmed for ease of flexibility when tweaking to find a unique sound, especially when blending them together.
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Prime Loops Abstrakt House

705MB+ of unique House & Electronica Samples and Presets, featuring Organic Basses, Textured Synths, Shuffled Drums, Dark Atmos, MIDIs, ready-arranged Sampler Instruments and much more!

We've been drilling the foundations down to the core, extracting weird & wonderful organic elements and perplexing rhythms through the jagged fragments and strange textures of Abstrakt House, the brand new sample pack from the state of the art Prime Loops studio!
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Busy Works Beats FLEEK The Official Starter Pack for FL Studio

These Premade FL Studio 12 Templates give you the tools and structure you need to create the beats you want. No longer will you have to search for sounds or have trouble with chord progressions and melodies
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SoundBits Dark SciFi Drones + Construction Kit

A bundle containing a collection of very disturbing and scary futuristic spaceship ambiences, Sci-Fi Drones and organic, surreal alien-atmospheres. This special bundle gets you both full mixes, as well as drones carefully split into logical frequency layers for maximum flexibility.
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