Tom Quayle Fusion Lesson Bundle

Save over $100 on the regular lesson price with this fantastic instant download bundle…This fantastic and great bargain bundle contains ALL of Tom's lessons from his website. This bundle includes hours and hours of video tuition, tons of PDF files, licks, concepts and backing tracks. The bundle is priced to save you over $100 at only $280! (VAT/Sales Tax may be added depending on where you live)
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ADSR Sounds Mastering Wavetable Synthesis in Serum

Two of the most common questions people have once they start working with Serum are ‘How do I know which wavetable to use in Serum and when?’ followed by ‘How do I know what the warp modes are going to do to that wavetable?’

Led by Echo Sound Works, this 2.5 hour video course will help you answer those questions and set you up to master wavetables synthesis using Serum.
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Ask Video Universal Audio 202 Neve Complete Bundle Explored

Rupert Neve designed and built legendary mix consoles. Why were they so revered? Because the circuitry was infused with depth, airiness and clarity. UA has recaptured this legendary sound in the Neve® Complete Bundle. See what it's all about!

This Universal Audio, in-action course on the Neve® Complete Bundle takes you step-by-step through their 9, authentic Neve® emulations. These plugins are explained and explored by engineer-trainer Alex Solano in this expertly designed, 18-tutorial course.
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Ask Video Studio One 104 Workflow Essentials

Having a good workflow is key to saving time and boosting productivity. In this course, audio expert Alex Solano shares workflow strategies to help you unleash the full power of PreSonus Studio One.

First, Alex reveals the best way to start a Studio One project. He explains the right way to import files and how to keep your session neatly organized—and he also shows the wrong way to do it, so you can see exactly what NOT to do and why. Along the way, you learn how to set up your own custom keyboard shortcuts, how to bounce files and how to remove duplicate files to keep your project file size as small as possible.
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Ask Video Softube 101 The Classic Channel Strips

Swedish company Softube are well known for their remarkably accurate emulations of classic analog hardware. In this course, join audio engineer Alex Solano as he reveals how to bring analog warmth and character to your mixes using Softube’s powerful and flexible plugins.

The course starts with the Tube-Tech PE 1C and ME 1B emulations. Inspired by the legendary Pultec EQ (the grandaddy of vintage “character” EQs!), these plugins can add that extra "oomph" and shimmer to your productions. Watch and listen as Alex gives you a tour of their user interfaces, showing you how to sculpt and mix your tracks to perfection.
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Lynda Audition CC 2017 Essential Training

Discover how to professionally edit and mix audio with Audition CC. In this course, Paul Murphy begins with the fundamental concepts in audio production and a crash course in fixing noisy audio from a Premiere Pro project. He then continues with a more detailed overview of the software, including topics such as importing, editing, improving your sound elements with effects and the Essential Sound panel, integration with Premiere Pro, and finally, exporting your mix. For editors who have traditionally completed audio work inside their editing system, this course shows you the powerful tools and expert techniques to take your audio mix to the next level.
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Lynda Bass Teach Yourself

Learn how to play the bass guitar. In this easy-to-follow course, guitar virtuoso Jared Meeker starts off with the basics; learn how to tune and hold your bass, familiarize yourself with the parts of the instrument, and get acquainted with tablature. As you progress through the course, Jared introduces you to different rhythms and keys, eventually moving on to more advanced concepts such as playing from chord sheets or tackling rock and roll licks from different eras.
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DJ Shortee The Complete Guide To Mixed in Key

In this video course, world-renowned DJ Shortee explains the basic music theory behind harmonic mixing and teaches you how to use all the features and functions of the Mixed In Key key detection software. Shortee thoroughly breaks down the Circle of Fifths in regard to DJing, how musical keys relate to each other, and how the Camelot Wheel relates to the Circle of Fifths. She also shows you how to use the Camelot Wheel system in various ways in order to mix your tracks harmonically while you are DJing.
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Groove3 FLESH Explained

Scottie Dugan reveals the allure of Native Instruments FLESH virtual synth. Explore all its features and functions and see how it can enhance your tracks!
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Lynda Blues Guitar Learn to Play By Steve Trovato

Blues rhythm guitar is an integral part of the blues. Essentially, it's what guitarists do between solos—which ends up being a substantial portion of any gig. It helps you find your groove with the rhythm section. In this course, follow Steve Trovato as he shows how to play blues rhythm guitar. Although the blues is a somewhat unstructured discipline that welcomes riffing and personal interpretation, the 50+ examples that Steve provides are presented in a structured, easy-to-follow manner, so it's easier for you to learn from them. Each example has a four-measure intro, or turnaround, which gives you four measures to figure out the tempo and the feel of the tune before you start playing.
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Lynda Beginning Blues Keyboard

Learn how to play blues piano. In this course, Tricia Woods dives into the basic building blocks of blues, and helps you acquire the skills you need to really sound like a blues player. To begin, Tricia demonstrates the chord progressions for the 12-bar blues—the most classic of all blues forms. Next, she discusses the blues scale, dominant chords, comping, turnaround, endings, introductions, boogie-woogie bass lines, and more.
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Cr2 Records This Is Techno

Do you want to make tracks as deep and dark as your favourite Techno producer?

Are you after that signature Techno sound?

Do you want access to a whole new arsenal of audio, MIDI, presets and amazing tutorial files?
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Producertech Maschine Hip Hop and Trap Beat Design

Powerful, energetic and vibrant drums are the foundations of every great track. In this course, Brighton based producer CAPSUN invites you into his studio to share the secrets behind designing, sequencing and mixing unique catchy drum parts for a variety of styles, using Native Instruments Maschine.
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Origin Sound Cutting Edge Collection Vol 1

Cutting Edge Collection Vol 1 provides you with the essential basics to create a tune from the ground up. Including 100 top quality kick drum samples, 100 top class snares, 100 brilliantly detailed sound FX and 60 complex chord progressions suitable for all genres of music.
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Groove3 MASCHINE Know-How Sampling

MASCHINE monster Sami Rabia now covers all the Sampling features found in MASCHINE, along with creative ways to use them. Learn whats perhaps one of the most important aspects of MASCHINE and pump up your tracks and productions!

Sami shows you what you needs to know when sampling in MASCHINE, including Audio Routing, Live Sampling, Beat Stretching, Slicing, Sample Mapping and much more.
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