Lynda Video Gear Audio

What's one of the best parts about being a video professional? All the cool gear! In this series, Rich Harrington and Robbie Carman team up to discuss the latest and greatest equipment for video production and post, including one of its most overlooked aspects: audio. Learn how to enhance the audio inputs on your camera, mobile device, or GoPro with smart and inexpensive adapters, and get the best sound from wireless mics. Discover accessories that will make your shoots run smoother—like a great pair of headphones—and how to record audio with a smartphone or tablet, laptop, or Tascam recorder. Plus, get an audio engineer's perspective on audio equipment from special guest Cheryl Ottenritter. As with the rest of the Video Gear series, Rich and Robbie keep both cost and quality in mind, so you'll never have to worry about blowing your budget or compromising production value.
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Sonic Academy Jamie Stevens Interview

In this week's interview Chris catches up with (Slightly) veteran producer Jamie Stevens. Through two decades of countless offerings to the electronica world, two ARIA awards with band members of Australian live act Infusion, Jamie has matured into a sophisticated artist with depth and consistency.
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Sonic Academy How To Use Valhalla Freq Echo with SQL

We welcome SQL's Pim to Sonic this week to deliver a 'How To Use Valhalla Freq Echo'. Perfect for dub, Dr. Who and all of your psychedelic needs. Sonic results range from subtle chorusing and double tracking to barberpole phasing and flanging to endless glissandos and runaway echoes.
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Producertech Techno Production with Maschine

Techno has been long-established as one of the world's biggest and most recognisable genres of electronic music. In this course from Producertech Senior Tutor and Berlin resident Rob Jones, comes a detailed insight into the production techniques behind this legendary style!
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Lynda Using MASCHINE with Ableton Live

MASCHINE and Ableton Live are two of the hottest products in the DAW market these days. Luckily for music producers, they work really well together. Ableton Certified Trainer JK Swopes gives you tips to make the integration as seamless as possible and start recording live performances, MIDI, and loops with MASCHINE for use in Ableton Live. Learn how to properly route MIDI, export MASCHINE project files for use as Ableton audio clips, and trigger kits and instruments with MIDI controllers and Ableton Push. Plus, find out how to use MASCHINE for real-time MIDI recording and for JK's favorite setup: recording audio directly into Ableton Live tracks.
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Ask Video Dance Music Styles 113 Hip Hop Trap

Hip Hop Trap, with its dark and gritty sound, has a very uniquely urban dance music vibe. We tapped the expertise of Atlanta Hip Hop producer Booker Edwards to dive into this Dance Music genre. Check it out!
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Groove3 EZdrummer vs Superior Drummer

Not sure which Toontrack virtual drum instrument is right for you? Expert drum instructor Luke Oswald compares two of the most feature rich and popular choices, Toontrack's EZdrummer 2 and Superior Drummer 2, in this in-depth video tutorial series.

Luke takes you through the differences and strengths of each package, comparing the drums panel, construction windows mixers, sounds, effects available in each app, and much, much more.
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Drumstroke Bass Drum Technique Workshop

In this Drumstroke™ video tutorial series, drum guru Luke Oswald reveals the steps to take to build up bionic feet when playing your kit, including speed and endurance and the ability to play what's in your head!

It's all here from single and double stroke exercises, grouped bass drum note routines, single-slide techniques and more. Make the time to practice these lessons and your feet will be a blur!
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Shoogle Studios Sylenth1 Synth Lab

THE complete guide to Sylenth1

Designing your own sounds sets you apart from the pack. The hurdle is often understanding the workflow and concepts of your favourite synthesiser, which is where this course steps in. Featuring 2h40min of comprehensive tutorials plus a bonus 2h10min min Masterclass recorded live at Shoogle Studios in Glasgow, this is a detailed course to help you understand synthesis on a deeper level.
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Udemy Teaching Music: Start teaching a musical instrument successfully

Being a music teacher can be difficult, specially when you don't have much experience. If you are about to start teaching any musical instrument, this course is for you.
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Groove3 Producing Bass Lines with Output SUBSTANCE

Output has hit the mark with SUBSTANCE, their new bass synth virtual instrument, and production wiz Larry Holcombe takes you on a video tutorial journey into SUBSTANCE, using it to create bass sounds and lines for a wide variety of genres!
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Groove3 FL Studio Know-How Recording Audio and MIDI

Eli returns with more great FL Studio video tutorials! Learn how to get your ideas down, using the different Audio and MIDI recording options in FL Studio, as well as how to freeze and render instruments.
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Sonic Academy How To Use Alchemy with Paolo Mojo

Sonic Academy presents your essential guide on ‘How To Use Alchemy with Paolo Mojo’ Welcoming newcomer, Paolo expertly takes us through this deep, deep synth - capable of creating and inspiring almost any sound.
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Udemy Guitar Learn 10 CCR Guitar Chord Progressions

Guitar: Learn to play 10 classic CCR chord progressions for guitar with ease

Hey Rock Star, congratulations on finding this course!
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Lynda  Learning Music Notation

Want to communicate your musical ideas in the most clear and compelling way? You need to learn music notation. Notation is the written language of music: the letters and words of sound. In this course, author Rick Schmunk explains the most fundamental topics in music notation, with the intention of showing musicians and songwriters what they need to know to read and write the language and notate their musical ideas correctly. It starts with notating pitch (clefs) and duration, including note lengths and rests. He moves into discussing flats, sharps, naturals, and key signatures, and the unique symbols for musical expression, including dynamics and articulations. He goes over notating chords and chord progressions, and the addition of vocals and lyrics. The course wraps with some score formatting tips and notation examples for piano, guitar, and drums, which pull together all the information into complete, publication-worthy pieces of sheet music.
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