BassGorilla DJing with Traktor with Subterranean

BassGorilla DJing with Traktor with Subterranean

Make your performance stand out from the rest! In this new course, DJ Subterranean talks all about DJing, from gear and software choice to essential techniques that every DJ should know about when mixing a set.

This course will give you the knowledge and skills you need to:

Spice up your sets by using techniques like double drops, chopping, and key matching
Mix faster and create quick, smooth transitions between songs
Choose the right equipment that best fits your needs and playing style
Get to know the differences between DJ units like controllers, turntables, and CDJ’s, their advantages and disadvantages
Develop your own mixing style and make your performances stand out
Layer different effects for seamless transitions on any DJ unit
Choose the right tracks for your set and create exciting setlists
Give your performances a unique sound by using tools like beatmatching, intros, and scratching

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