BassGorilla IDM Glitch in Ableton Live with Eckle

BassGorilla IDM Glitch in Ableton Live with Eckle

In this tutorial series, talented Bristol duo Eckle will take you through their creative process, giving detailed explanations on how to approach sound design, sample manipulation, synthesis, and mixing-all you need to know to create beautiful, mind-boggling tracks that will captivate your listeners.

This course will give you the knowledge and skills you need to:

Create powerful drums by choosing right sounds for your kit and processing them using techniques like layering, saturation and compression
Effectively control synth’s parameters like compression, filtering, saturation and deliver convincing basses, pads and electric pianos
Map macros to quickly and easily manipulate the sound of your bass, synths and pads
Make any sample fit your song employing techniques like glitching and pitch altering
Use song structuring, and transitional techniques to keep your listeners hooked
Develop an effective workflow and learn the different mindsets required for writing and producing music
Get a solid sense of how music theory works and construct amazing sounding chords and beautiful melodies
Boost your mixing and mastering skills and deliver exciting, high-energy tracks

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