BassGorilla Jazz House In Ableton Live With Julian Gray

BassGorilla Jazz House In Ableton Live With Julian Gray

If you want to produce authentic house music fuzed with jazzy samples, Julian Gray has you covered. Julian will walk you through the exact techniques he uses to produce an funky, jazzy house track from start to finish in Ableton Live

This course will give you the knowledge and skills you need to:

Create a melodic motif or ‘hook’ for your track to make it memorable
Program and process authentic house style drums and percussion that create the groove of your track
Chop, rearrange and process samples to give your tracks a fusion with other genres of non-electronic music
Add transitions to your arrangements to create tension, release and build energy as your track progresses
Compose an alternative drop to keep your listeners excited and focused on your track
Mix the elements of your track together to produce a clean, transparent and louder mix down
Master your track to give it the impact and loudness it needs to stand up against other tracks on any club sound system

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