Lynda 27 Practical Tips for Songwriters

Lynda 27 Practical Tips for Songwriters

Songwriting can be a thrilling and rewarding profession, but it's not without its challenges. In this course, join professional songwriter Cliff Goldmacher as he explores the craft—and business—of songwriting through a series of short, self-contained lessons that offer practical solutions to common problems. Cliff shares creative workarounds for songwriting issues, explaining what to do when you're stuck finding the perfect line or you can't tell if a song is finished. He also goes over problems—and offers solutions—for songwriters that are working in the recording studio or trying to pursue a career in music.

Topics include:

Finding title ideas for your songs
Determining if your song is finished
Making your songs unique
Finding the time to write
Pitching your songs
Pros and cons of publishing deals
Networking for introverts
Finding the right studio team for your demo
Pitching your song demos to film and TV

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