Truefire Frank Vignola's Jazzin' the Blues Vol.2 (2017)

Truefire Frank Vignola's Jazzin' the Blues Vol.2 (2017)

Larry Carlton, Robben Ford, Scott Henderson, and Oz Noy are just a few examples of top-notch guitarists who are widely respected for jazzing up their blues improvisations with jazz phrasing and tonalities. On the other end of the scale, most students of blues guitar struggle when it comes to jazzing up their blues lines because they haven’t yet been exposed to jazz harmonies and melodic approaches.

In this second volume of Jazzin’ the Blues, Frank Vignola expands your jazzed blues skills by guiding you through another 20 performance studies, each focused on a new jazz harmonic concept.

”Blues gave birth to jazz. Yet, a lot of blues players are challenged when it comes to jazzing up their blues lines. I’ve prepared 20 studies to help students get up to speed by applying a range of jazz harmonies to what they already know. We’ll start as simple as adding a single tone to the pentatonic scale and then progress to integrating more sophisticated tonalities in their lines. Throughout the course, we'll be working exclusively with standard 1-4-5 blues progressions, in a variety of keys and feels.”

Frank organized the course into 10 sets of lessons. Each set focuses on a specific jazz harmonic approach and each features two solo performance studies. Frank will first perform the soloing performance study and then break it down note-for-note explaining the underlying harmonic approach.

You’ll learn how to “jazz up your blues” by playing your way through the course - no tedious theory or boring exercises to struggle through.

All of the performance studies are tabbed and notated for your practice, reference and study purposes. You’ll also get Guitar Pro files so that you can play, loop and/or slow down the tab and notation as you work through the lessons. Plus, Frank includes all of the backing tracks for you to work with on your own.

Grab your guitar and let’s jazz up our blues with Frank Vignola!

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