Groove3 Boz Digital Labs Transgressor Explained

Groove3 Boz Digital Labs Transgressor Explained

Product wiz Jerry Mateo delivers a video series all about Boz Digital Labs amazing transient designer Transgressor! From subtle enhancement to complete overhaul, watch and learn how Transgressor gives you quick and easy access to dial in your sound without limits.

Jerry starts by welcoming you and then talks about what the series will consist of and what sets Transgressor apart from the competition. You'll then explore the user interface as well as get an explanation of all the functions and uses for Transgressor.

Using Transgressor on Snare is then shown in detail, allowing you to not only shape the transients of a snare drum, but also change the tonal nature of the attack and sustain for a more defined tone.

Next up is the Kick Drum, and Jerry shows how Transgressor can be used to control the unwanted tone of a kick drum sound separately from the attack, and how to dial in a more aggressive sound quickly and easily.

You'll then get eye-opening videos on using Transgressor on Room Reverb, the Master Drum Bus, Electronic Drums and even Synth Pads, allowing you to bring out new tones, or entirely different results, all adding uniqueness to your sound.

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