Groove3 Electronic Music Producer’s Guide Distortion

Groove3 Electronic Music Producer’s Guide Distortion

Adam Pollard aka Multiplier, takes you on a journey into the land of distortion, and the role it plays on your signals, sounds and creative explorations.

Multiplier begins by welcoming you and then goes over the basics of distortion, and what it is and how it's used. He then demystifies the relationship between distortion and dynamics.

Next, see how to apply distortion and dynamics on a kick drum, and learn all about Waveshaping and what it actually can do for your sounds.

EQ, Filtering and Detuning are then looked at and how they affect using distortion on sound, and then you'll see how and why to distort a sub bass in your track.

Multiplier now gives you videos on using distortion on vocals for energy and thickness, followed by ways to use bit crushing and oversampling for even more sonic possibilities.

Moving on, explore how different playback devices distort, which is important when adding distortion in your DAW, and how "true peak" can be creating distortion in your DAW.

Wrapping it all up, see how to get creative with distortion when sound designing, and using frequency shifting concepts to enhance your distortion and harmonics.

See the individual tutorial descriptions for more info. If you produce electronic music, learn how distortion is a huge part of today's sound and productions... Watch "Electronic Music Producer's Guide: Distortion" today!

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