Warp Academy MixLab with Jake Perrine

Warp Academy MixLab with Jake Perrine

Mixing is equal parts art and science. You need both theory and practice to achieve mastery. In this course you will get both. Get the theory behind mixing and mastering with MixLab, a 5 hour course where Jake Perrine lays out all you need to know. Included are actual mix sessions of previous participants projects where he takes the sound from good to great! Learn to push your own projects over the finish line and supercharge your mixing game!

What You Get

A 5 hour course on mixing and mastering concepts from Jake’s previous course “Mixing and Mastering”
Screen recordings of 7 example mix sessions with full commentary by Jake throughout
A total of 30+ hours of content!
Student discount pricing (20-60% off) on third-party software & plugins from our partners!

What You’ll Learn

We guarantee after taking this course you will be able to:

Set up your projects for maximum efficiency during the mixing process.
Manage gain stages throughout your mix for the cleanest signal path.
Managing dynamics (compression, limiting, gating, etc.) across all your tracks and the master track for maximum punch.
How to use EQ to essentialize and maximize each sound’s impact on the listener, and not muddy up the mix.
How to use Return Tracks properly and effectively.
Multiple techniques with reverb and delay for adding depth and spatialization.
Automation techniques to speed up the mix process.
Use of master track plugins for basic DIY mastering
Introduction to a number of third-party plugins that may be useful to you.
How to use reference tracks as a guidepost for your mixes.

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