Udemy Guitar Solo Interval Training and Guitar Improvisation

Udemy Guitar Solo Interval Training and Guitar Improvisation

Learn how to solo on guitar in any style of music. Watch guitar solo lessons on improvisation and music theory!

Learn to play a great guitar solo! Start with a clear understanding of how and why a great guitar solo works by learning to use and play intervals. You’ll learn how different note choices will convey different emotional impacts. But, even more importantly, students in this course will discover that a holistic approach to music encourages each player to develop their own “style”.

Most courses teach students to reuse a collection of pre-fabricated licks and riffs. This course dives into the art and science of playing great solos that are unique and original.

Super-concise lectures with hands on practice
Intuitive, graphically enhanced lectures
Escape the shapes (or "How to stop just running scales")
Learn to play what you hear
Play a guitar solo over any chord progression, in any genre
This may be the last guitar solo course you'll need!

Whether you’re a beginner, a regular performer or just looking to develop a more individual "style", this course will provide a refreshing and engaging perspective. You'll go beyond scales and technical wizardry into the realm of real self-expression. Hands-On exercises will help you gain a holistic command of your guitar.

Content and Overview

This course is ideal for intermediate and advanced guitarists (and any musician who wants to learn to craft a great guitar solo). Each of the thoughtfully crafted 34 lectures contains clear and concise explanations. You'll get focused, useful instruction that will teach you a holistic approach to playing your next guitar solo. Each section of this course begins with in-depth lectures that cover the essential information you need to know. Each section teaches powerful skills related to a single, clear goal. Each skill is taught in 2 lectures: Lecture 1 is always an explanation of the principles while Lecture 2 is always a hands on lesson that is carefully designed to demonstrate how to apply your new skills.

Its best to learn by doing, so you’ll be encouraged to play along, following chord diagrams, guitar tab and music notation for each exercise. You’ll understand why and how a great guitar solo hits you in the gut. You’ll learn how to use your ears to play the music in your head and improvise a great solo in realtime.

As a performing musician and private instructor with over 14 years of professional experience, my methods explain how music fundamentals work logically. In addition, my teaching style leans heavily on demonstration - especially where there are interconnected relationships that are essential to understand if you want to play a great guitar solo by ear and from the heart.

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