Groove3 Modern Sound Design and Mix Techniques

Groove3 Modern Sound Design and Mix Techniques

Times have surely changed regarding the way we work with and manipulate audio, as new options and techniques are constantly being developed and explored. Studio guru Chris Herrera bings the first volume of videos focused on these methods, looking at cool advanced bus routing and resampling ideas and practices.

Chris begins by welcoming you, and then gets right at it with videos on setting up bus channels and delay effects, 3rd party plug-ins, summing channels for processing, and building effect chains. Although Chris is using Logic Pro X for these videos, much of the info will apply to your DAW and its tools.

Next you’ll look at some interesting panning and mixing ideas, and then explore what resampling is and how it’s used in today’s productions. See how to take basic drum loops and MIDI parts and bounce them for creative manipulation, including using Flex Time and Groove Quantize.

Moving on, you’ll see how to turn your audio loop back into MIDI for import to the EXS24 sampler for interesting modulation effects, and then how to transform synth lines and parts in a similar fashion.

Then it’s on to resampling with Flex Pitch as well as Melodyne and how to create intricate stutter effects and glitches, as well as other modern sounds and effects.

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