Groove3 Superior Drummer 3.1 Update Explained

Groove3 Superior Drummer 3.1 Update Explained

In this in-depth video series, SD3 wiz Luke Oswald gives you a comprehensive walk through of all the important new features found in the the Superior Drummer 3.1 update.

Learn all about the new features found in the Superior Drummer 3.1 main menu, including new Metronome settings, Auto-Save and Hi-Hat/Snare CC visual indicators.

Next discover the new additions found in the Drums tab, including Envelope Release curves and presets, new stacking capabilities and Macro Parameter search functions.

Then discover new workflow enhancements within the Mixer, such as new right-click channel options, updated bus routing functionality, auto show hidden audio channels in use, and the ability to disable entire FX chains for selected channels.

Continuing on you’ll explore the massive update to the Grid Editor, with topics including instrument/articulation row adjustments, Velocity Gradients, enhanced Auto-Scroll, new quantize functions, enhanced snap to grid and event nudging.

Plus, learn all about the updated velocity adjustments and new Grid Editor shortcuts. Lastly, Luke explains the new features found in the Tracker, including new menu options, Transient Nudge, Bleed Reduction updates and Multi-Select functionality.

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