Lynda Learning Music Licensing

Lynda Learning Music Licensing

Licensing your music for use in video games, film, advertisements and other audio-visual contexts is one of the best ways for you to monetize your songwriting efforts. In this course, learn how to license your music. Instructor Jake Versluis helps to acquaint you with the basics of music licensing, explaining what licensing is, exactly, how income is generated in music licensing, and what you own when writing and recording. He also steps through how to strategically prepare and pitch your songs, work with quote requests and master use and sync licenses, broadcast your successes, and more.

Topics include:

Licensing players and gatekeepers
How income is generated in music licensing
What does one own when writing and recording?
Researching buyers
How to present yourself
Pitching your songs
Proper song edits, coding, and resolution
Quote requests

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