Ask Video Symphony Essentials 101 Symphony Essentials Explored

Ask Video Symphony Essentials 101 Symphony Essentials Explored

With its meticulously sampled instruments, NI’s Symphony Essentials lets you create authentic-sounding MIDI orchestral scores. Join trainer Matt Vanacoro in this 20-tutorial course, and see how this amazing Kontakt library can help you compose epic soundtracks!

Symphony Essentials is loaded with solo and ensemble libraries (Woodwind, Brass and String) to cover almost all your orchestral needs. Although the interface might look simple at first, there’s a lot going on under the hood. In fact, Symphonic Essentials is a real beast… so watch and listen as trainer and composer Matt Vanacoro explores the depth of this Kontakt library!

Matt starts by giving you a tour of the included five solo and ensemble instruments. After sharing some important Kontakt tips, he gives a detailed explanation of everything Symphony Essentials has to offer. You learn how to create realism with the articulation, legato and repetition features. You discover how to enhance the instruments with the built-in effects, how to use the arpeggiator, and you learn everything about key switches. The course also includes lots of resource management tips, and Matt even shows you how to create a one-man massive orchestra multi that won’t crash your computer...

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