Xfer Serum Masterclass Advanced Courses Xfer Serum Masterclass Advanced Courses

Welcome to the Serum Masterclass! We designed this course to take the complexity out of learning sound design by walking you through everything you need to know to become an expert in sound design. This includes everything from the fundamentals of sound design to even how to post-process your sounds after you create them. Good luck and thanks for joining our Serum Masterclass!

Skill Level: Advanced
In these courses, we’ll be going over some of the more advanced techniques in Serum, like how to create a wavetable and even post processing and resampling. Once you grasp these concepts, you’ll have more control over your sounds and truly create the unique sound you’ve been looking for.

Advanced Techniques in Serum - 7 Videos / 1h 4m
Beyond Serum: Resampling & Post Processing in Ableton Live - 4 Videos / 1h 7m
Ultimate Guide To Wavetable Creation in Serum - 15 Videos / 1h 58m
Serum Masterclass Conclusion - 1 Video / 1m 48s

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