Masterclass Live-stream with Kompany Masterclass Live-stream with Kompany

This masterclass live-stream features seasoned producer, Kompany, who covers tons of different sound design tricks and techniques in Ableton Live and Serum. This stream is packed with information on how to make your sounds better in Serum, resampling techniques in Ableton Live, post-processing sounds, and plenty more!

During the early portion of the stream, Kompany opens up Serum and makes an awesome bass patch on the spot. Along the way, he answers real-time comments about what he’s doing to make this sound and why he does certain things. He will then resample this patch and process it further with Ableton plugins to make it even better.

The entire stream is packed with instances like this that offer insight into how Kompany designs his sounds and how you can take advantage of Serum to create high-quality, professional patches. Don’t miss out on this one!

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