Creating a Dubstep Drop in FL Studio Creating a Dubstep Drop in FL Studio

Dubstep is a complex genre that requires meticulous sound design, writing, arranging, and skilled mixing and mastering. Join acclaimed Dubstep producer, Nasko, in this tutorial as he walks you through the creation of an entire Dubstep drop in FL Studio.

Starting with the drums, he will lay down the framework of the drop and plan out each section and transition. Then, he will add FX and synth elements such as arps and off-beat chord hits that will fill space throughout.

Next are the sub and bass synths – these are the focus of the video and represent the most prominent elements in the drop. Pick up tons of advanced sound design tricks in Serum, clever arrangement techniques, and tasteful mixing methods throughout this video.

Tutorials > FL Studio
Instructor: Nasko
Skill Level: Intermediate
Duration: 39m 7s
Release Date: 02/22/2018

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