Groove3 Reason Grain Explained

Groove3 Reason Grain Explained

Thomas Cochran presents an in-depth look at Propellerhead’s Grain virtual granular synth. Learn all of its features and functions as well as interesting sound design techniques allowing you to fully command this powerful synth.

Thomas starts off by welcoming you and then briefly outlines the interface of the Grain synthesizer, as well as provides a brief explanation of granular synthesis and how it processes audio sample material.

Thomas then proceeds to go through every section of Grain in full detail, including the Audio Sampler & Motion Modes, the Granular Oscillator, Pitch Controls and Sub Oscillator, Audio Routing, Filters, Amp Envelopes and Modulation, LFOs, Audio FX and much, much more.

You’ll then see how to use Grain creatively with videos on sound design, making an 808 Bass patch, Melodic Synth patch, Lead Synth patch, Ambient Bass Synth patch, and Ambient Pad Synth patch all from scratch.

See the individual tutorial descriptions for more info. If you’re new to Reason’s powerful granular synth Grain or just want to know more, this series will take you from zero to hero… Watch “Reason Grain Explained®” today.

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