Groove3 Pro Tools 2018 Explained

Groove3 Pro Tools 2018 Explained

Studio guru Marcus Huyskens presents an awesome, in-depth video series designed for the beginner to intermediate Pro Tools 2018 user! Learn Pro Tools Native or HD from the ground up, all the way to exporting your masterpiece, for all the world to hear.

Marcus begins by welcoming you and then gets right to it, starting with how to create your first session and setting up your interface inputs and outputs, so you’re ready to make some music.

Next, learn all about the main Pro Tools windows, track types, creating tracks, using the Transport, Markers, and all the different Edit Tools and Modes found in Pro Tools 2018.

Moving on, Marcus shows you how optimize your system for recording, creating and using Click Tracks, setting your recording levels correctly for optimal sound, Loop Recording, MIDI basics, and working with Playlists.

Mixing is up next and Marcus gives you the topics you need to know, such as optimizing for Mixing, using plug-ins, Aux Tracks, Mix Groups, Automation, Master Faders, and more!

Cool Production tips are then revealed, like creating and using Session Templates, working with Loops, using AudioSuite plug-ins creatively, committing virtual instruments to audio, and how to utilize Track Presets.

Wrapping it all up, Marcus goes above and beyond giving you videos of using what you’ve learnt throughout the series in a real-world situation. You’ll see Session Setup & Preparation steps, how to record an acoustic guitar, basic mixing techniques, and last but not least, Bouncing out your song into different formats so you can post your new masterpiece on the web, or burn to CD.

See the individual tutorial descriptions for more info. If you’re new to Pro Tools 2018, or just want to get more info on this industry standard DAW, this series is a no brainer… Watch “Pro Tools 2018 Explained®” today!

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