PUREMIX Ryan Hewitt Mixing Template

PUREMIX Ryan Hewitt Mixing Template

Grammy Award winner Ryan Hewitt walks you through his ingenious mixing template, showing you how he sets up every session to work with his unique hybrid mixing workflow that allows him to mix quickly and get incredible results every time.

Instead of having to search for plugins and IO settings that he needs for every mix, Ryan has developed a starting point that puts all of his favorite signal paths at his fingertips.

After stepping through his template track by track, Ryan demonstrates how he sets up a song and applies his mixing workflow to every track.

In this tutorial, Ryan will teach you how to:

Use both analog summing and analog processing chains as hardware "plugins"
Mix with multiple parallel processing tracks to create the perfect sonic color for a mix
Keep sessions neat and organized with color coding, bussing, and printing stems
Create super clean and perfectly synchronized drum trigger tracks
Use stereo bus processing to simplify the entire mixing process
Differentiate sections of the lead vocal performance with unique and shared processing tricks
Stop looking at the meters and trust your ears to create excitement and energy in the mix
Printing mixes both with and without analog tape and limiting his clients are expecting to hear

Learn how Ryan uses his mix template then download his original session file (with plugin settings!) as well as translated versions of his template using stock plugins as inspiration to create your own custom mixing template based on his trademark mixing style and tricks.

Italian and English subtitles included

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