Udemy The Greatest Guitar Solo in the World Learn it, Play it

Udemy The Greatest Guitar Solo in the World Learn it, Play it

Learn how to play one of the greatest guitar works of all time

Django Reinhardt's Improvisation No. 1 is considered by many to be one of the greatest solo guitar works of all time. In this course, I will show you how to play this tour de force, note by note.

This Course is for everyone regardless of Level

Even though this is one of the most advanced pieces of music you can
play on guitar, I've designed this course in a way so that even a beginner can start to practice it. I will guide you through every little detail of how to play it. Guitarists of all levels will learn Django's powerful technique and mastery of the guitar neck.

Learn multiple guitar approaches at once

Improvisation No. 1 draws upon Flamenco, Mediterranean, Gypsy, and Jazz music, as well classical and Impressionists like Debussy and Ravel. On display in this three minute improvised masterpiece is the full spectrum of the Gypsy Jazz guitar virtuoso's techniques, melodies, licks, tricks, phrases, motifs, colors and feel, etc.

As we deconstruct Improvisation No. 1, you will not only become familiar with the piece in great detail, but will also gain insight into how Django's creative genius works. In mastering one of the most difficult guitar pieces of all time, you will learn a powerful approach to performing that can be applied to many other styles and genres as well.

No music theory or site-reading needed!

You don't need to know how to read music or have a degree from Julliard to take this course. I break down every little detail of the guitar solo from a technical perspective and also explain how the piece works on an artistic level.

Inspiration for your own, original music

In this course I will not only teach you how to play Improvisation No. 1,
but will also explain how the different parts of the piece function. My goal is to help you understand the creative choices that Django makes so that you can incorporate some of these concepts, colors, shapes, and phrases etc. into your original compositions and performances. You will learn how to approach the guitar as if it were an orchestra.

Get faster and better, faster

I will also show you ways in which you can practice that will help you master even the most difficult passages of music. These practice habits and techniques can be applied to any genre of music and will increase your ability to play guitar more clearly, more powerfully, and with great velocity.

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