ADSR Sounds 10 Pro Tips for Serum

ADSR Sounds 10 Pro Tips for Serum

10 Pro Tips for Serum. Despite launching a few years back, the flexibility and power of Serum has allowed sound designers of all backgrounds to continually discover new tricks the longer they spend using it.

In this 10-part course, Dan Larsson gives you some tasty insights into what he’s learned and how he uses this mega synth after racking up literally thousands of production hours using Serum.

Watch and learn from a professional and prolific sound designer with tips and tricks that will help you get past creative blocks and explore and invent your own sound.


00 Intro

An introduction to the course curriculum.

01 Lock Modules

You can make Serum to semi-randomize your preset with this neat little trick.

02 Pitch Tracking

This is a very useful thing if you want to make percussion sounds for example.

03 MB Comp Bands

Beef up the low-end using the MultiBand compression device by adjusting the level of the low band.

04 Note Modifier

Create crazy modulations with the Note Modifier. I bet you never used it before!

05 Formula Parser

Clever tricks for a cleaner sound

06 Partial Squarify

Are you a huge fan of the squarify formula in Serum? You need to see this if you want improve on it!

07 Harmonic Bins

Serum’s main strength is in the WaveTable Editor. If you convert your cycle harmonic bins, you can create crazy things!

08 LFO Shape to Oscillator

Another cool way to create your own waveform or wavetable is to use one of the LFOs in Serum!

09 Noise Oscillator

If you load a looping sound into the noise oscillator very new possibilities will open in front of you!

10 Curves

Combine multiple modulations into one macro. Save LFOs, and go crazy with modulations using this awesome technique!

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