PUREMIX Inside The Mix Colt Silvers With Fab Dupont

PUREMIX Inside The Mix Colt Silvers With Fab Dupont

In this installment of Inside The Mix, Grammy winner Fab Dupont walks you through his entire final mix track by track explaining the complex production and mix process involved in crafting this indie rock track by French rockers Colt Silvers.

Learn how Fab uses clever and practical production and mixing tricks to keep the listener engaged from beginning to end.

Listen to dozens of before and after examples and learn how a top professional mix engineer takes a song from a good sounding demo to an incredible sounding final mix.

In this 1.5 hour long tutorial, Fab teaches you how to:

Take on the role of both a coproducer and mixing engineer
Edit the song structure of the demo to maximize the listener’s interest
Crafting a drum vibe that blends together electronic and live drums to enhance the message of the song
Fix an acoustic kick drum sound in the mix without using samples
Sculpt the tone of thick sounding vocals to make room in the mix
Add vocal effects such as slap, reverb, microshift, and more
Remove grain and nastiness from guitars to create a unique tone that works for the track
Make muddy guitar and bass tracks speak and have presence
Shape keyboard and synths so that blend perfectly with guitars
Add layers on layers of parts while giving the mix space to breathe and grow
Setting up stereo bus processing and intentionally clipping the converters
Using analog summing for maximum clarity and headroom

Learn countless production and mixing tricks to spice up the band’s demo and create a professionally finished mix.

See what it takes to combine both in-the-box production and live track elements to give the mix sonic definition and creative direction.

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