Ask Video Cubase 9.5 101 Cubase 9.5 Explored

Ask Video Cubase 9.5 101 Cubase 9.5 Explored

Steinberg’s Cubase 9.5 is here! Explore all the new features and improvements in this 21-tutorial course by product specialist Matthew Loel T. Hepworth.

From 64-bit mix processing, to improved plugins and workflows, this mid-release version of Cubase offers major enhancements to an already powerful digital audio workstation. In this course, our Cubase expert Matt Hepworth takes a look at all the new features included in Cubase 9.5.

Matt first explains the changes to the project window, user interface, and audio engine, including the benefit of using the pristine 64-bit mix processing option. He then covers the new insert and routing options, and the plugin enhancements, such as Magneto MkIII, the redesigned vintage and tube compressors, and the freshly added HALion Flux sound library. He also takes a deep look at the new editing, automation and snap to zoom features, and he explains why you really want to know about the more powerful and flexible metronome.

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